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Research Help Tutorial:
But My Professor Told Me I Can't Use the Internet!

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When professors tell you not to use “the Internet” they are talking about free Internet sites that are available to anyone through a Google or Yahoo search. Websites such as Wikipedia can be freely edited by any internet user so there is no guarantee that the information you are receiving is correct and therefore is not a reliable source.

However, library online resources, accesible via the library homepage, are not "the Internet". Here are some examples of online library resources that you can use.

E-Books are accessible through the library catalog. After searching for a book title, author or keyword, you will be presented with the search results page, which includes information on the format of the source. If you click on an E-Book source, you will be taken to a regular library catlog record which contains a link to the external e-book.

Articles in databases
An alphabetical list of databases is available through the Articles and Databases link on the library homepage. This page also contains a link to view the databases by subject. After clicking on a database, you can search within the chosen database for an article to use for your research. An internet based article, accessed through the library databases, is a perfectly valid source to cite.

Primary resources
The library Archives and Special Collections has a host of primary resources, such as photos, correspondence and official documents, that are accesible online. These include digital collections and exhibitions.

So you CAN use the Internet…just make sure you go through the library homepage to find your sources and your professor will be satisfied.