Mississippi Matinee an Exhibition of the State and the Silver Screen
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Introduction: Cid Ricketts Sumner(2)
In 1957, Debbie Reynolds captured the starring role in Tammy and the Bachelor, adapted from Sumner's 1948 novel Tammy out of Time.  Leslie Nielsen plays Peter Brent, the aristocratic southern "bachelor" rescued from a plane crash in the Mississippi swamp by Tammy and her grandfather.  The romantic comedy proved popular with audiences, and the song "Tammy" received an Oscar nomination for "Best Original Song."  Two years later, Sumner published the sequel Tammy, Tell Me True (1959).  Sandra Dee starred in the film by the same name in 1961, as well as the film Tammy and the Doctor (1963).  Television tried to capitalize on the movie's success with the short-lived Tammy series (1965-66) starring Debbie Watson.  The 1967 film Tammy and the Millionaire was the cinematic result of re-editing four episodes of the television series.

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