Scholarly Communication: Retaining Your Copyright

As an author, you own the copy right to your work unless you sign that copyright over to a another party. 

What is Covered by Copyright?     What is not covered by Copyright?    What do I have to do to keep my copyright?
What rights does the Copyright Law provide? What happens when I sign a Publisher’s Agreement? So, what should I do?    What Rights to I Need to Retain?    How do I retain my rights?    I’m not a lawyer. Is there an easy way to do this?    SPARC Author’s Addendum    Indiana University Addenda   

How can I tell what my journal publisher allows?
Summaries of many journal publishers’ policies are available at the SHERPA site at Search on the publisher's name or the journal title to see information on the publisher’s policies.

Partly based on a presentation by Trisha L. Davis, Ohio State University Libraries

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