On the evening of May 6th, 2009 the J.D. Williams Library was home to a 10 minute "Flash Rave".

University Library Flash Raves are a recent phenomenon and have been cropping up at colleges across the nation, although the Ole Miss flash rave is the first documented in the South. The general idea is that a group of students put the word out to meet at a certain time at the library, get out the glow sticks, crank up some hardcore euro-trance and take over the library for a ten minute period, dancing non-stop before leaving. In this case students were instructed by their fearless captain, the mysterious Penguin Leader, to gather at the Fountain at the west entrance to the Library at 9:50 pm. After a rousing rendition of Hotty Toddy, almost 2,000 students descended upon the Library.

Flash Raves have caused problems at other university libraries with University Police at Chattanooga refusing entry to the students before dispersing the crowd with pepper spray. However, the University of Mississippi students and J.D. Williams Library faculty and staff were united in the excitement of the events unfolding before them. Despite minor damage to some ceiling tiles, the ravers were very respectful of their surroundings with a good amount staying afterward to help tidy up.

Below are some pictures and videos of the rave, visit the Ole Miss Flash Rave Facebook Event Page to see more.

Who said Libraries are boring?!?!?

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