Another Finals Week, Another Flash Rave

After the success of the first J.D. Williams Library Flash Rave in May 2009, Students left the worries of Finals week behind them on December 9th 2009 by holding another library rave.

Once again, the students met at 10:00 pm outside the west entrance to the Library and after another rousing rendition of Hotty Toddy, the students poured into the library, bouncing rhythmically to the thumping sounds cranked out by DJ Collin Bowen. There were fears that the rave could have suffered from a lack of leadership as the ellusive Penguin Leader, who so brilliantly masterminded the first rave, has purportedly graduated and left in search of colder climates. However, two large bananas were spotted crowd surfing the large rave wave and it is believed they may have assumed the Penguin Leader's mantle.

Not as many students turned up to this rave, the weather mainly being to blame, but the rave lasted for 15 minutes this time round, with students once again being respectful to the library facilities and library staff being accommodating to the ravers. There was some minor damage as some over enthusiastic crowd surfing led to a raver being launched into, and partially through the ceiling tiles.

As the music ended and the ravers faded into the night, a good number stayed behind to help clean up the library.

Below are some videos of the rave.

Here's looking to Spring 2010.

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