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IT Procurement

IT Procurement assists the university community in obtaining all the necessary pricing information to make price conservative purchases while obtaining quality products to fit their specific needs, all the while making sure to use trustworthy and reliable manufactures and vendors.

University Software Licenses

The Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services has available on their ITS Express Products Lists (EPLs) specific vendors dedicated to providing the University of Mississippi with licenses for Corel, Lotus and Microsoft products.

Faculty Technology Development Center

Software licenses for Microsoft Office, Adobe software, and Symantec Antivirus are available through the FTDC. These licenses may be purchased for any University owned computer. To obtain more information on this avenue of software license purchasing, visit the FTDC software page.

Dell ASAP Software

To request pricing and availability contact Amy Clausel at 877-728-6751 or Amy will help with your configuration and e-mail you a quotation. The quotation should be included with your purchase order. You may also check pricing from the Dell Software Web Site.

McDonald and Associates - The Upgrade Place

McDonald & Associates and The University of Mississippi have teamed up to bring you the highest quality memory upgrades available in the industry. McDonald and Associates-- The Memory Place offers a Lifetime Warranty on all the memory they carry.

In order to participate in this offer, you must mention your affiliation with The Univeristy of Mississippi and use Customer #2290335.

The contact for McDonald and Associates--The Memory Place is:

Laurie Spoon
National Account Executive
2544 South 156th Circle
Omaha, NE 68130
1-800-338-1531 - Phone
1-800-242-5751 - Fax

"The Upgrade Place's mission is a simple one: to provide the best service and highest quality product in America. For each order we ship. For every client. Every day."