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Analysis and Dynamical Systems

Research problems in analysis concerning Banach Lattices, Banach Spaces, C*-Algebras, and Measure Theory.
Research problems in dynamical systems concerning renormalization, rigidity theory and KAM (Kolmogorov-Arnol'd-Moser) theory.

The Analysis and Dynamical Systems Group

Qingying Bu
Gerard Buskes
Saša Kocić
Przemo T Kranz
Iwo Labuda
Erwin Miña-Díaz

Current PhD Students Working on Analysis:

John Dever (Advisors: Q. Bu & G. Buskes)
Byunghoon Lee (Advisors: Q. Bu & G. Buskes)
Christopher Schwanke (Advisors: Q. Bu & G. Buskes)

Recent PhD Graduates:

Michelle Craddock (2009, Bu), West Point (Postdoc positon, to start in Fall, 2009)
Brian Lai (2008, Bu & Buskes), University of South Carolina, Salkehatchie
Brian Davis (2006, Labuda), Tusculum College, Tennessee
Adrian Wilson (2006, Paterson), University of Montevallo
Robert Page (2005, Buskes), Framingham State College, Vermont
Amy Welch (2003, Paterson), Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Jason Holland (1998, Buskes), Abilene Christian University, Texas
Jamie Summerville (1997, Buskes), Mid-Continent University, Kentucky