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Dr. Gerard Buskes' Page


Gerard Buskes, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics
University of Mississippi
Ph.D., University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1983

Contact Information

Hume Hall 105
Phone: (662) 915-7425
Fax: (662) 915-5491

Teaching - Spring 2011

Office Hours: MW 8-9
Math 654-1 MW 9-10:15
Hon 102-2 TTh 8-9:15

Research Interests

Functional Analysis
Operator Theory
Ordered algebraic systems.
Publication List in MathSciNet

Selected Publications

  • Bu, Qingying; Buskes, Gerard; Lai, Wei-Kai The Radon-Nikodym property for tensor products of Banach lattices. II. Positivity 12 (2008), 45--54.
  • Buskes, Gerard Mississippi Mathematics Renaissance, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 54, no1 (2007), 43-44.
  • Azzouzi, Youssef; Boulabiar, Karim; Buskes, Gerard The de Schipper formula and squares of Riesz spaces. Indag. Math. (N.S.) 17 (2006), no. 4, 479--496.
  • Bu, Qingying; Buskes, Gerard The Radon-Nikodym property for tensor products of Banach lattices. Positivity 10 (2006), 365--390.
  • Boulabiar, Karim; Buskes, Gerard Vector lattice powers: $f$-algebras and functional calculus. Comm. Algebra 34 (2006), no. 4, 1435—1442.
  • Boulabiar, Karim; Buskes, Gerard; Sirotkin, Gleb Algebraic order bounded disjointness preserving operators and strongly diagonal operators. Integral Equations Operator Theory 54 (2006), no. 1, 9—31.

Personal Interests

Music, gardening, running, camping, hiking.