Carol B. Lutken , Associate Director for Research Programs
Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute/
Center for Marine Resources and Environmental Technology

Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute
111 Old Chemistry
University, MS 38677

phone: (662)915-7320
fax: (662)915-5625

Carol's interest in geology came into focus while she was an undergraduate at Duke University, studying evolutionary biology and biogeography. Several years after completing her B.S. degree in Zoology, she decided to pursue a Master's degree at the University of Mississippi and graduated in 1984 after completing a thesis on Carboniferous brachiopod biogeography. She participated in several offshore projects with MMRI as a graduate student and returned to Oxford and the MMRI in 1996. She has been involved in several environmental assessments within Mississippi, mostly involving analyses of Mississippi's inland waters for mercury contamination. Her current area of concentration is the processing of high resolution seismic data and geological interpretation of those data. She has been involved in CMRET's contracts with the US Navy and is currently working on interpretation of seismic data from areas of known gas hydrate occurrence in the Gulf of Mexico. She maintains her interests in biology, paleontology, and field geology by acting as liaison to the University of Mississippi's Field Station and the Oxford Public Schools, where she tailors presentations and field trips to class level and area of study. Carol is a Registered Professional Geologist in the State of Mississippi (#653).
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