Action research
WHAT?: My problem for my action research proposal looked at the most effective methods of instruction for second-language acquisition.
WHY?: Within my district, students are already at a disadvantage in which they are beginning their second language classes at the high school level. Studies have already shown  (Lightbown, P. & Spada, N.,2006) that once a student has aged beyond their pubescent years, their ability to effectively learn second languages drastically decreases. Knowing this, it is vital to ensure the best level of instruction in order to achieve the highest level of second language acquisition by students who are starting their second language education with the odds counting against them.
HOW?: If I conducted this research, I would use the results to determine which method of instruction I and my fellow Spanish 1 teachers should implement in our classrooms. Eventually, I would hope to write a proposal to the Madison Country school district calling for a foreign language curriculum for elementary students in order to lessen the problem of second-language acquisition at the high school level.
CONCLUSION?: Looking back, my action research proposal was too broad and probably would not have resulted in any real conclusive evidence. This is due to the fact that almost every student is different in regards to motivation, learning style, and level of inhibition when willing to practice speaking Spanish. Thus, finding one uniform method to reach them all is pretty unrealistic.