ok so i have a rule in my classroom that you dont get up unless i give you permission to, this includes throwing trash away
well one of my more troublesome students got up and was at the trash can and i asked her to sit back down and told her that im more than willing to throw any trash away for the students (i say "ill throw it away for you" about 5 times a day)
so i walk to her desk, she drops in my hand a yellow ribbed condom with lotion inside
my first reaction is "wow, im holding a condom in school"
then i thought that this young female student might be hinting at me about her emotional feelings
then i thought, well maybe this young student somehow found out about my ability to make various balloon animals and wanted to see me give it a go with this condom she had in her pocket and that the lotion might serve as some stomach acid for whatever animal i might make
then i thought, maybe this young student just straight up hates me and wanted to get out of my class after she just finished taking a test and this would be the quickest way to do so, in addition to guaranteeing herself saturday detention
lo and behold it was the 3rd idea, how great is my career
Monday, August 27, 2007
Condoms for everyone! YAY!