my biggest success story would have to be my experience with one of my students, SR.
he is a junior, the star running back for the football team and is not the brightest bulb in the box. SR was a student of mine who failed the first 9 weeks.  when i called his parents to tell him he failed the first 9 weeks along with the 2 main tests from that term, they were shocked and disappointed. they promised me that he would step up his game and turn that F around.
for the following weeks, SR would approach me before and after class about trying to get some extra help in spanish. i gave him study habit advice, extra help, etc. one day i told him i went to ole miss and from that day forward, he would randomly quote ole miss related sayings, ie. "Coach Nutt, Coach Nutt."  "ole miss, ole miss" , etc. as random and as pointless as these sayings were, they made me laugh every time.
during the 4th 9 weeks, one of the other football players pointed out to me that SH had an article on about him and his recruitment process and the universities talking to him. SR would carry about 5 envelopes that he planned to send with video tapes inside them that showed his highlight video in addition to dozens of letters from different colleges. i then realized the potential SR had to go to college, play football, and get a higher education and i knew i could help in some shape or form.
so from that point i helped him register for NCAA financial aid assistance and give him advice on college and how it works. one afternoon he came to my room teary-eyed because he had received his scores from his recent ACT and got a 19. it got me excited to know that i still had some students that were motivated to go to college and be successful. at that point the main thing he had to improve was his GPA, which at the time was only a 2.1ish. towards the end of the year, i helped his 74 up to a 75 so he could have a C average. right before school got out, SR kept asking me if there was some housework he could do around my house to make some extra money to pay for one of his trips to a summer football camp. he rode home with me one day and we pulled weeds, laid pine straw, cleaned the gutters, etc.
then, last week, SR wanted to know if i could give him a ride up to oxford so he could go on a campus visit at ole miss. i gladly obliged and he had a great time. the greatest thing though was just watching him get so excited about going to college (even better if he goes to play running back at ole miss, ha). currently SR has somewhat of a hamstring injury and is laying low but hopes to make the upcoming ole miss football camp next month. he also texts me on a weekly basis with updates of his life such as buying laptop and his vacation to texas. regardless of where he goes to college and if he plays football, i would definitely say that my relationship with SR and the impact i feel that i have had on him has been my greatest success
Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Success story...WHS