so, last week i ment to blog this out but because it was homecoming week plus my previous post, it was a pretty chaotic week.
so, i think it was friday morning and i was grading tests during my 1st block planning period. the assistant principal on my hallway came by my room and asked if i was certified, i replied yes and he asked that i come to his office with him. i had no idea what was going on (as it turns out, in order to paddle a student, an administrator has to have a  certified teacher witness)
when i entered the office, the student was sitting down and looked very nervous
Principal: Well Mr. So and so, ive brought Mr Jimenez in here to serve as a witness for what is about to take place. You are about to receive 3 licks to your buttocks for skateboarding in the hall today. You have chosen the 3 licks over 2 days of in-school detention. Are there any questions?
Student: Um....i guess not.... (very scared)
Principal: Alright then Mr. So and so, go ahead and stand up, place your hands on my desk and put your buttocks out (grabs the paddle and slaps it against his hand as a warm up)
::Student awkwardly places hand on the desk, arms trembling::
Principal: Are you sure you want to go through with this? You look a little nervous.
Student: Yes sir I am.
Principal: Can you tell that i am not nervous in the slightest?
Students: Yes sir I can.  (at this point i pull the bandana i am wearing around my neck for spirit day in order to hide my GIGANTIC smile)
Principal: well i guess we can call your mom and see if she wouldnt mind you taking the 2 days in-school detention instead? would you like to do that?
Student: yes sir, please, id really like to talk to my mom (voice is trembling)
::Calls mom on speaker phone, mother expresses how she doesnt want him to have ISD b/c 9 weeks test are next week and after school detention would inconvenience her in having to pick him up....during this whole conversation, the principal is literally holding the paddle and STRETCHING his arm, like his getting ready to lift some weights::
Principal: Well Mr so-and-so, it appears your mother wants to go through with this, lets get this over with.Put your hands on my desk and stare at that picture of my daughters in the window frame....knowing that i have paddled them as well, and let that comfort you (at this point i am using all self control i have to keep from bursting out laughing)
The principal gives the kid 3 licks....hard.
Principal: Now that wasnt so bad no was it?
Student: The first one hurt really bad, and now it stings.
Principal: Get back to class.
after the student left, me and the principal laughed for a good 5 minutes before i left to continue grading my tests....oh corporal punishment...what an elusive beast you are
Monday, October 6, 2008
Corporal a witness