classroom management
Wingfield 4th Block Rules
1. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
2. Raise your hand and wait for permission to leave your desk.
3. Any other extreme discipline actions will be determined by the teacher.
Leading to...
1. Warning
2. After school detention
3. Two days detention
4. Office referral
  1. more write-ups
  2. more stress
  3. more skippers
  4. better disciplined 4th block
This was all implemented during the 2nd semester. Because it was so late in the year, it was hard for some of the students to change. With my other classes at Wingfield, it came down to whether a student pushed a line enough to get written up (i.e. blatant cursing, fighting, major classroom disruption, etc).
MCHS “Expectations”
1. Come to class prepared
2. Ask for permission to leave desk
4. No throwing, shooting, tossing, etc.
Leading to... What classroom management problems?
My belief is that because students had grown up in a district or family that emphasized education and respect, discipline issues at MCHS were limited to telling students to tuck their shirts in and staying on the look out for cheaters. Write ups were the exception, not the rule. Students more than not followed teacher’s requests rather than question or refuse them.
In hopes to deter cut slips coming back from lunch at Wingfield and tardies during one of my lunch blocks at MCHS....
1 slice for each day of no cuts or tardies.
When the pizzas completed, I buy the class pizza. Very effective!