mtc coursework
This revision of our original classroom management plan was a great method of self reflection and a spectacular way to see how naïve I was coming in as a first year teacher. Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back at my classroom management failures at Wingfield, it gave me a great opportunity to know where I could improve the following year at MC.
The reason I chose these two slides from the powerpoint to highlight is because even now, my idea of a positive learning environment has changed. In my opinion, a positive learning environment can only be created mutually by student and teacher. Some students will want to learn, while others won’t. At this point, it is up to the teacher and his ability to maintain that environment for the students who want to learn and discipline or remove those who do not.
One of my favorite classes during MTC was Dr. Mullins’ Leadership in Education course. By looking at the varying qualities that a good leader should have and whether leaders were “born or made”, I felt like it helped me self examine myself and whether I practiced some of those qualities too.
The attached assignment was a short paper on our favorite teacher. Mine was my college band director David Willson. It was not until this course that I looked back at him and saw those characteristics we had been studying that also showed me how great teacher of a teacher he was.
I chose this assignment because it has helped me to further realize the kind of teacher I aspire to be.
FAVORITE TEACHER ESSAY “His most appealing characteristic was his humility. One example of this humility could be seen with what he traditionally did every Friday before a home game. He gathered the entire band around and gave everyone a coke/bottle of water. Then he would talk to us about the importance of serving our university through the band, which in itself was a close to thankless organization on campus.”