Lesson plans
What’s the run down? - Students interpret a Chilean weather report and answer questions about vocabulary and the weather in Chile.
Why Chile? - Great example due to north/south length and Andes mountain range
Why weather forecast? - Pictures, cognates, prior knowledge
Surprises? - Seasons and hemispheres, cross subject area
Final thoughts? - Supports student learning by pulling from prior knowledge. Weather forecast the same around the world.
What’s the run down? - Students partner up (one facing board, other with their back to it) and describe the characters to their partner in Spanish (given English prompts).
Why descriptions? - Practicing adjective vocabulary and grammar rules regarding adjectives matching the nouns they describe.
Why celebrities? - Using celebrities and famous fictional characters with easy and recognizable adjective vocabulary, students get into it and can accomplish the entire activity in Spanish.
Final thoughts? - Supports student learning by giving students an interesting and comfortable prompt in which they can speak Spanish and accomplish a task successfully.

Es muy guapo. Es moreno. Es cómico!