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Machine Shop

Sodick AQ325L Wire EDM The Physics Department's Machine Shop team is involved in the University of Mississippi's daily operations and serves as a resource to physics colleagues around the country. We are responsible for the design and fabrication of physics test equipment, machines, fixtures, and other devices. We have been involved in many research projects, both in the U.S. and internationally. Our goal is to contribute realistic end products to physicists' ideas and dreams. Design is carried out using AutoCad and a variety of CAM software to support our CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines. Implementation is accomplished by modern collaboration techniques that follow the process from design, through manufacturing, quality control, and finally shipment to our customers.

New mill

Team members:


  • AutoCad
  • Bridgeport EZ-Cam
  • EGS Featurecam
  • 3D Workshop
  • Pro/E

Romi CNC lathe


  • Sodick AQ325L Wire EDM
  • FADAL VMC 15-XT Machining Center
  • FADAL VMC 5020A Machining Center
  • Bridgeport CNC mills
  • Romi CNC lathe
  • Hansvedt EDM
  • Small-batch aluminum anodizing
  • Various manual machines

Machine Shop Projects

Current Projects:

  1. Test Absorber: Windows and Manifold. (FNAL)
  2. Pixel detector. (FNAL)
  3. 201 MHz Muon Collider Prototype.

    • Nose Ring
      Final machining of Copper and S.S. Rings after brazing.

      Copper Ring
      Machined to accept S.S. Ring

      SS Ring
      Machined to accept copper ring and to accept Beryllium Window upon completion.

      Produced to add stability to the 201 MHz main cavity.

      Nose Assembly
      Copper and S.S. Rings ready for Vacuum brazement.
  4. HCAL HO boxes. (CERN)

Past Projects:

  1. Crystal blanks and 2 Q.C. machines (calibration and standards) for BABAR. ( SLAC)
  2. Fiber optic welders. (FNAL)
  3. RF Cavity (Muon Collider). (University of California — Berkeley)
  4. HCAL HB electronic boxes. (CERN)
  5. HCAL HE boxes. (CERN)
  6. Pixel detector prototype. (FNAL)
  7. Pill Box cavity. (University of California — Berkeley)
  8. Impedance Tube. ( Richard Raspet and Tim Simmons)
  9. Low Temperature Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy. (Veerle Keppens and Michael McGuire)
  10. Kennon Observatory restoration. (University of Mississippi)

Job Requests

Our services are available for other departments on campus, as well as other educational institutions.

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We are located in the basement of Lewis Hall's research wing.

Phone: (662) 915-5327
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