The University of Mississippi
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Marco Cavaglià

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                    Dr. Marco Cavaglia]

Office: 20B3 Lewis Hall
Phone: (662) 915-7642
Fax : (662) 915-5045

Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D., 1996, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste
  • University Degree, 1992, University of Turin


  • 1997: Research Associate, Tufts University, Medford, MA
  • 1998–99: Postdoctoral Fellow, MPI für Gravitationsphysik, Germany
  • 2000: Postdoctoral Fellow, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal
  • 2001–02: Research Associate, MIT, Cambridge, MA
  • 2003: Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, UK
  • 2004– : Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi


  • Third Prize in the 2002 Gravity Research Foundation competition

Research Interests

My research is in classical and quantum gravity, cosmology, and high-energy theoretical physics.
  • Classical gravity: extended theories, gravitational waves
  • Quantum gravity: canonical quantum gravity, string theory, M-theory, low-scale gravity
  • Cosmology: very early universe, string and M-theory cosmology, quantum cosmology
  • High-energy theoretical physics: ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, quantization of gauge systems

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