The University of Mississippi
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Cecille Labuda

[Photo of Cecille Labuda]

Office: 211 Lewis Hall or 1031 NCPA
Phone: (662) 915-3945




Degrees Earned

  • 2008: Ph.D., Physics, University of Mississippi
  • 2003: M. S., Physics, University of Mississippi
  • 1999: B. S., Physics; B. A., Mathematics, University of Mississippi

Research Interests


Studies of the thermal effects of ultrasound using tissue-mimicking phantoms. Design and development of tissue-mimicking phantoms for ultrasound studies. Interaction of ultrasound with microsphere structures.

Current projects

  • Acoustic radiation force imaging (ARFI) thermal dose
  • Phononic microsphere structures
  • Echo particle image velocimetry (echo-PIV)

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