This database is an SPSS data file from our “Gulf Coast Survey.” The 105 question survey collected retrospective information on respondents before, during, and after Katrina’s landfall.  The data are comprised of: (1) information on housing and population for 573 census blocks that were within census tracts 0302 and 0301 in Hancock County and tracts 0030, 0029, 0028, and 0027 (see map) in Harrison County, the epicenter of Katrina’s landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast; and (2) a random start, systematic selection, cluster sample of 120 of these 573 blocks that yielded 400 completed questionnaires.

Data Set with Variable List - ZIP file

Survey instrument: our “Gulf Coast Survey” is a 105 question survey for gathering retrospective information from respondents before, during, and after a catastrophic event (in this case, Hurricane Katrina). The instrument collects data on the size and composition of survivors’ personal and group networks before, immediately following, and after the disaster, and data on the survivors’ economic, psychological, physical, and social effects from the disaster.  The survey instrument also collects data on control variables affecting post-disaster assessments, e.g., the level of property loss, access to insurance, the amount and sources of governmental relief (FEMA, National Guard, state and local emergency management), and ascribed and achieved characteristics (age, income, education).

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