Project Participants by Institution/Community/Agency

University of Mississippi
Richard Forgette (Pol Sci, faculty), Co-PI
David A. Swanson (Soc/Anth, faculty) Co-PI
Mark Van Boening  (Econ, faculty) Co-PI
Stefan Schulenberg, (Psych, faculty)
Cliff Holley, (Center for Population Studies, Staff)
Jerry McKibben,  (Center for Population Studies, Adjunct Faculty)
Kirsten Dellinger(Soc/Anth, faculty)
Jeff Jackson (Soc/Anth, faculty)
Ed Sharpe (Soc/Anth, adjunct faculty)
 Johnny Ducking (Econ, grad student)
 Bryan Dettrey (Pol Sci, grad student)
Chrissy Glider (Econ, grad student)
 Mike Hirschel (Psych, grad student)
 Gwen Wages (So/Anth, grad student)
Jennifer Sukanek (Soc/Anth, undergrad student)

Mississippi State University
Amie Brushaber  (Soc/Anth/Social Work, grad student)
Ian Monaghan (Social Science Research Center, research assistant)
University of Southern Mississippi
Barbara Hester  (Anth/Soc, Grad student)
Brooke Roberts (Anth/Soc, Grad student
Ann Marie Kinnell, (Anth/Soc, Faculty)

University of Tennessee Health Science Center,  Memphis, Tennessee
 Rick Thomas (Department of Preventive Medicine, faculty)
 Mary Ellen Calvert (interviewer, Long Beach, MS; alumna of the University of Mississippi)
 Rita Swanson (Volunteer, first aid support for Field Work Team, Oxford, MS; RN, BSN, MSN)

Census Bureau Personnel (GPS recording of housing units and sites of housing units)
Greg Hanks (Team Leader)
Steve Bainter
Sharon Cochran
Ross Davis
Kevin Donnalley
Jennifer Harrop
Jennifer Holland
John Kennedy

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