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How to buy goods and services for the University of Mississippi

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1. Create a SAP Requisition and a purchase order will be issued for items over $5,000.00 and all services.
2. Use the small purchase Procurement card for items less than $5,000.00.

3. Request for payment form only for:

a. Entertainment expenses (meal & catering)
b. Reimbursements only when purchase order or credit card unacceptable.
c. University sponsored conference and meeting expenses.
d. Gasoline credit card charges
e. Petty cash reimbursements
f. Medical expenses
g. Approved moving expenses
h. Related expenses of professional services processed on form 13
i. Awards, fellowships and scholarships

4. Form 13ís (Services)

a. Individuals
b. Consultants

General Dollar Values for Purchases
1. Purchases $5000 or less only require one quote

2. Purchases from $5000.01  up to and including $50,000 require two quotes

3. Purchases $50,000.01  and above require sealed bids

    State Contracts
    Express Products List
    P-1 Approvals for sole source and research justification


Procurement Services

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