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Salvage, Dismantling or Cannibalization of State Property for Parts

There are occasions when departments may find that they can use components from outdated or nonfunctional equipment to build or repair other equipment. 

The Property Control Department fully supports this reuse of University resources. 

A UM Property Disposal Report must be filed with Property Control to request authorization to cannibalize a piece of equipment. The department chair must provide a statement to Property Control that explains why the equipment is to be dismantled and how the parts will be used to construct or repair other existing equipment. 

When a request is received to dismantle a unit for parts, the Supervisor of Property Accountability and the requesting department will jointly determine if cannibalization is in the best interest of the University. 

     Property Control must audit the asset records to certify that the property is 
        1.University owned, 
        2.Not accountable to a current grant or contract, 
        3.Not useable in another department in it's current state, and, 
        4.That the University would not benefit more by reselling the property for the department. 

If salvaging equipment for parts seems to be the best solution, the request will be forwarded to the Salvage Committee for approval. 

If the request is approved by the Salvage Committee, Property Control will notify the department to proceed with the cannibalization by sending the department an  approved copy of the UM Property Disposal Report. 

The copy of the approved UM Property Disposal Report should be affixed or in close proximity to the equipment during cabbibalization. 

A copy of the form should remain attached to the unit when it it submitted back to Property Control after the removal of useful components. 

After cannibalization of a unit, all remaining parts, including the property control sticker, must be sent to Property Control. 

Property Control will dispose of the carcass and any remaining parts in accordance with current disposal procedures. 
After Disposal, Property Control will remove the asset from inventory. 

Definitions and Special Circumstances :

Cannibalization is the authorized removal of Internal components only from one item of property for installation on another item of property to meet a specific requirement and to return the second item to service. 

Authority to dismantle for parts is granted on a case by case basis. 

If a piece of equipment is completely cannibalized (for example - an empty computer case is submitted for disposal and all components have been removed) the responsible department must identify the unit or units that received the recycled components. 

If any external components are intended for reuse, the original item must remain on Inventory.  If an original external component requires a replacement, an example would be a new monitor for a desktop computer, this is not considered a Cannibalization  The scope of cannibalization must be limited to internal components only. 

As always, property which may contain or have been exposed to hazardous material should be cleared through the Department of  Health and Safety prior to requesting disposal or cannibalization. 


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