Public Policy Research Center (PPRC)

For over twenty years, the Public Policy Research Center (PPRC) has provided a range of public services and conducted social science research on issues impacting the citizens of Mississippi. The principal mission of the PPRC is to encourage and support social science research on public policy at the University of Mississippi. The PPRC develops linkages among the University, state and local governments, the business community, and the citizens of Mississippi. In this role, the PPRC provides expertise to policy makers, contributes to political leadership training, and engages in applied research on issues of state, national and international importance. The PPRC serves as an administrative 'umbrella' for other research organizations in public policy at the University of Mississippi, such as the National Archive for Youth Social and Attitudinal Data (NAYSAD) and the Social Science Research Laboratory (SSRL). PPRC personnel also provide professional and research services to these organizations. The PPRC seeks to obtain external funding to support its own research as well as the research and training activities of its subsidiary organizations.

In addition to overseeing the activities of its subsidiary units, the PPRC is currently engaged in a 3-year project entitled, Evaluative Research Capacity Building in the Mississippi Delta (ERCB). The primary purpose of the ERCB project is to develop interest and capacity for evaluative studies of critical educational issues in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The project will match nationally recognized evaluators/researchers with academic educators from non-research institutions in the Delta. The nationally recognized evaluators will mentor the evaluators-in-training as they conduct an evaluation research project. The Principle Investigator (PI) for this project is Dr. Robert Brown, who is part of the PPRC and SSRL faculty. This project involves collaboration between the PPRC and the Mississippi Department of Education, represented by Dr. Ronald Love, who is co-PI for the project.

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