1:30 p.m., Monday, April 11, 2005, in Ventress Hall Conference Room


PRESENT:   Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Reithel, Eftink, Stocks, Rholes, Chitwood, and

                     Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Love for Dean Burnham, Drs. Vaughan and Cheng for

                     Dean Lee, Dr. Wilson for Dean Wells, Dr. Sumrall, Mr. Miller for Dr. Fant,

                     Dr. Hall, Dr. Clark, Dr. Hallam, Dr. K. Gates, Dr. C. Gates, Ms. Harrington


ABSENT:      Deans Burnham, Davis, Lee, and Wells, Ms. Bailey, Mr. Putta, Dr. Angle,

                     Dr. Fant, Dr. Gispen, Ms. Puckett


ALSO PRESENT:   Ms. Sue Mossing

          1. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of March 4 and April 1.

          Dr. Charles Gates discussed the proposed Contractual Readmission Program which the Undergraduate Council had approved. Dean Hopkins indicated his view that the University should focus its resources on assisting students on probation rather than waiting until they are suspended or dismissed. He also wondered whether the proposed EDLD 202 course should count towards a degree and how students not present on the Oxford campus would be dealt with under the proposal. There was also some discussion of who would have authority to override this requirement. After further discussion, the proposal was tabled to give Dr. Gates an opportunity to revise the proposal to address the issues raised. On a motion by Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez and a second by Dean Rholes, the remaining items in the Undergraduate Council Minutes of March 4, 2005, were approved unanimously.

          On a motion by Dean Eftink and a second by Dean Rholes, the Minutes of the Undergraduate Council meeting for April 1 were approved unanimously.

          2. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of January 28 and March 4.

          On a motion by Dean Eftink and a second by Dean Hopkins, the minutes of the Graduate Council meeting for January 28 were unanimously approved. On a motion by Dean Eftink and a second by Dean Chitwood, the minutes of the Graduate Council meeting for March 4 were unanimously approved.

          3. Thirty-Hour Residence Requirement in College or School Recommending an Undergraduate Degree (see Attachment #1).

          After a brief discussion, and on a motion by Dean Reithel and a second by Dean Eftink, the Council unanimously approved amending the current Undergraduate Catalog (p. 138) to read: “At least 30 semester hours of residence credit must be taken in the school or college recommending the degree. Both hours taken before and after a student declares a major in a particular school or college may be used to satisfy the 30-hour residence requirement.”

          4. Faculty Senate Proposal Regarding Quadrennial Review of Administrators (see Attachment #2).

          In a discussion of this proposal, the Council focused especially on three issues. First, there was significant discussion as to which administrators should be covered by this proposal. Among the views expressed was that of the Provost suggesting that perhaps only pan-university administrators need to be subjected to this proposal. Other members of the Council wondered in particular whether it was appropriate for chairs to be required to submit the information contemplated. Second, the Council discussed whether a full resume or merely a list of accomplishments is contemplated by the proposal. Third, the Council discussed the appropriate location for displaying the information collected, with several members suggesting that the Provost’s web page is the most appropriate location for making this information available to the faculty. After a motion by Dr. Sumrall and a second by Dean Eftink to approve the Faculty Senate proposal, Dean Reithel proposed an amended version of the proposal which would have stated as follows: “Academic administrators undergoing a 4-year review should be required to provide a concise document outlining their accomplishments over the past four years. This document will be made available to those participating in the review no later than two weeks prior to the review deadline.” Dean Reithel’s motion failed for lack of a second. Subsequently, on a motion by Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez and a second by Dean Eftink, the Council unanimously voted to table the Faculty Senate proposal so as to allow the Faculty Senate an opportunity to provide feedback concerning the issues raised during the Council’s discussion of the proposal.

          5. Other Business.

          The Provost described the meeting she had had with student leaders just prior to the Council’s meeting. Issues raised by the students included cheating, problems with advising, the use by faculty of Powerpoint presentations produced by textbook publishers, and a variety of bookstore issues.

          Dean Eftink announced that the offices of the Graduate School have relocated to the old public relations house. He also advised the deans about the doctoral hooding ceremony. In addition, he announced that the policies web page is now up, and he discussed the timing for grade viewing at the end of the spring semester.

          Dr. Kathy Gates reported that students would soon be able to obtain a PDF of an unofficial transcript. She also discussed the development of a new process for dealing with incomplete grades.

          The Provost indicated that ROTC chairs are asking for priority registration comparable to that received by student athletes. Following a brief discussion of this issue and no significant support for granting this priority, the Provost announced that she would tell the ROTC chairs that they would not be able to obtain the requested priority.

          Dean Chitwood observed that Athletics had requested advising even before schedules had been produced. The Provost indicated that she would talk with Karen Schiferl about this issue.

          6. Adjournment.

          The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on May 16, 2005.