1:30 p.m., Monday, August 9, 2004, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Burnham, Davis, and Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Wyandt for Dean Eftink, Dr. Wilkin for Dean Wells, Ms. Fuller for Dean Rholes,

                          Dr. Acevedo, Ms. Bailey, Dr. Angle, Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, Dr. Kathy Gates, and

                          Dr. Charles Gates


ABSENT:          Deans Reithel, Eftink, Lee, Wells, Stocks, Rholes, and Chitwood,

                          Ms. Ziegelmayer, Dr. Clark, and Dr. Gispen


ALSO PRESENT:           Mr. Gordon Fellows

             1. Approval of Minutes. The Provost announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the May 17 and June 14 meetings without exception.

             2. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of July 15. On a motion by Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez and a second by Dean Hopkins, the Council unanimously approved the Undergraduate Council Minutes of July 15.

             3. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of August 6. On a motion by Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez and a second by Dean Hopkins, the Council unanimously approved the Undergraduate Council Minutes of August 6. In response to a question by Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez concerning the new African American Studies Program, Dean Hopkins indicated that the 42-hour requirement for the major is explained by the fact that this is an interdisciplinary major without a minor requirement.

             4. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of April 16. On a motion by Dean Davis and a second by Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez, the Council unanimously approved the Graduate Council Minutes of April 16.

             5. Possible Nursing Program on Oxford Campus. The Provost discussed the possibility of establishing a nursing program at the Oxford campus. This program would be offered by the University of Mississippi Medical Center, which currently operates a nursing program in Jackson. We currently have a pre-nursing program at the Oxford campus in which students can spend their first two years here before going to Jackson to complete the last two years in the nursing program. Hospitals in north Mississippi have approached us about providing a nursing program on the Oxford campus, and the medical center is agreeable to the idea of having a satellite program here. In response to a question from Nancy Fuller about library resources to support this program, the Provost indicated that the program might be able to share library data bases with the medical school. She thought we are probably at least a year away from implementing such a program. The Provost furthermore indicated that the program might be provisionally housed in the School of Applied Sciences. There was some discussion of whether the Council should approve this proposal by vote. Dr. Acevedo suggested that the Council wait to take action until a budget for the program is available.

             6. 124-Hour Limit on Degree Programs. The Provost discussed the new 124-hour limit on degree programs. This matter will come back before the IHL board at its July meeting.

             7. Tenure Track and Non Tenure Track Position Policy Issues. The Provost discussed recent activity at the IHL Board concerning tenure track and non tenure track positions. She indicated that the CAO’s had approved a change in the IHL tenure track policy that would allow universities to hire someone with tenure or waive a specified number of probationary years. She noted that in proposals currently before the IHL Board the sixth year is listed as probationary. She explained that this was so because even though the tenure application would normally occur in the sixth year, it is not typically finalized by the IHL Board until the end of the academic year. There was some discussion of non tenure track positions. Dean Hopkins indicated that he thought his committee’s work would fit under the proposal currently before the IHL Board. This committee has proposed creating a promotion ladder for instructors to lecturer and senior lecturer. The Faculty Senate will take up this proposal in September. The Provost indicated that she thought there was a need for a comprehensive review of faculty titles in the faculty handbook.

             8. Planning Task Forces. The Provost briefly described the status of the task forces she is creating. She indicated that another invitation to participate will be sent to faculty shortly after classes begin.

             9. IT Matters. Dr. Kathy Gates reported on various IT matters (see Attachment #1). She indicated that a new anti-spam program would be turned on on Friday. She discussed feedback from the students concerning teacher evaluations. The students have proposed leaving a window after finals are complete but before grades are posted for students to complete student evaluations. The students have also proposed that students who complete evaluations be permitted to see their grades a day before other students. Dr. Fant worried that students who were having grade difficulties need to see their grades immediately.

             10. Winter Intercession. Dr. Angle briefly reported on the winter intercession and indicated that Dr. Fant will enter classes for the upcoming winter intercession. The Provost announced that Dr. Angle is in the new interim director of the Tupelo Center.

             11. Event Planning. Dr. Fant announced that event planning will be available for departments in September. Dean Hopkins indicated that some chairs are concerned that the event planning coincides with the first week of classes. Dr. Fant indicated that this overlap is caused by classes beginning later this year.

             12. Payment to Students Receiving Credit for Research. Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez raised the issue of students being paid and receiving credit for the same research. The Council briefly discussed this issue with various schools indicating how they treat the matter.

             13. Additional Sections for Classes. Dean Hopkins indicated that the College of Liberal Arts is adding additional classes to deal with new students. He indicated that there are more afternoon classes but that he has avoided scheduling evening classes, especially for freshmen. He expressed concern that some schools are adding students into closed classes.

             14. Law School Applications. Dean Davis discussed applications to the law school. He indicated that there are 1950 applications this year and that the median LSAT score is 156. He indicated that the law school had admitted approximately 370 students and enrolled 172 students.

             15. Faculty Houses. The Provost discussed the status of the faculty houses. She indicated that the four houses on Faculty Row nearest the law school will need to be removed to make up for parking space lost as a result of renovations to Farley Hall. She also indicated that the Alumni Circle houses will be moved when phase one of the renovations to the Inn at Ole Miss begins. She hoped in both cases that another location for these houses will be available.

             16. The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 10/1/04.