1:30 p.m., Monday, December 10, 2007, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Dr. Staton, Deans Wells, Burnham, Hopkins, Chitwood, Sullivan-Gonzalez, Buntin, Wilder, and Rholes, Dr. Wyandt for Dean Eftink, Dr. Cox-McCarty for Dean Davis, Dr. Malone for Dean Reithel, Dr. Oliphant for Dr. Canty, Dr. Fant, Dr. Angle, Dr. Metcalf, Mr. Ling for Dr. Gates, Ms. Bunniran


ABSENT:          Deans Lee, Eftink, Reithel, Davis and Pate, Dr. Williamson, Dr. Clark, Dr. Canty, Ms. Harrington, Dr. Gates, Mr. Schwab, Mr. Wicker

             1. Approval of Minutes.


             Dr. Staton announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the October 8 meeting without exception.

             2. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of October 5, 2007, and November 9, 2007, (see Attachments #1 and 2) and the Graduate Council Minutes of November 17, 2006, September 28, 2007, and October 12, 2007 (see Attachments #3, 4 and 5).

             On a motion by Dean Chitwood and a second by Dean Hopkins, the Council unanimously approved the minutes of each of the meetings listed above.

             3. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on January 28, 2008.