1:30 p.m., Monday, June 13, 2005, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Drs. Carolyn Staton, Deans Hopkins, Eftink, Burnham, Lee, Rholes, Chitwood, Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Wilson for Dean Wells, Ms. Hodge for Dean Reithel, Dr. Sumrall, Dr. K. Gates, and Mr. Miller for Dr. Fant


ABSENT:          Deans Davis, Stocks, Wells, and Reithel, Dr. Angle, Dr. Hall, Dr. Fant, Dr. Clark, Dr. Hallam, Dr. Gispen, Dr. C. Gates, Ms. Piazza, Mr. Putta, Ms. Harrington, and Ms. Bettie Puckett


ALSO PRESENT:           Drs. Holly Reynolds, Noel Wilkin, Fannye Love, Ann Canty, and

                                       Margie Hobbs 

             1. Approval of Minutes: The Provost announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of April 11 without exception.

             2. Assessment Planning. Drs. Holly Reynolds and Margie Hobbs explained three changes that are to be made in the assessment process. These include a pre-filled reference to the appropriate Vision Statement in the forms for instructional units, submitting the completed assessment reports to the appropriate dean or vice chancellor before being forwarded to the University Assessment Committee, and starting the process earlier by having units submit their plans in the Spring before the final reports are submitted eighteen months later (Fall of the following year).

             3. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of May 6. After a motion by Dean Rholes and a second by Dean Hopkins, the May 6 minutes of the Undergraduate Council were unanimously approved. This approval included a correction in the description in MKTG 458, to include a pre-requisite requirement of “C” or better in MKTG 351.

             These minutes included a recommendation to limit the enrollment in EDLD 105 to students having an ACT of 25 or lower. There was discussion about the need to monitor this change.

             These minutes also included a recommendation to allow deans to drop students from class rolls if they are absent the first day of class. It was uncertain whether the intent is to enforce this change in Fall 2005. The Provost will seek a recommendation from various parties.

             4. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of June 8. After a motion by Dean Rholes and a second by Dean Chitwood, the June 8 minutes of the Undergraduate Council were unanimously approved.

             5. Academic Dishonesty Reporting System. Dr. Kathy Gates presented an overview of a new reporting and workflow system for handling academic dishonesty cases. Faculty will use the online tools web site to initiate such reports. Digital imaging of evidence and security issues were discussed.

             6. Other Announcements and Discussion.

             Dr. Gates gave a brief report of the status of the equivalency determination project, the graduate program coordinators interface project, and the implementation of a new budget control system.

             There was discussion of projected freshmen enrollment and the effect on high-demand courses.

             Dr. Staton briefly mentioned miscellaneous issues, including budget allocations, a concern about a growing number of majors that are setting GPA minimums, and the IHL Board’s mandate to limit degrees to 124 hours (with implementation of this change projected as Fall ‘07).

             7. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m..

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on July 18, 2005.