1:30 p.m., Monday, October 10, 2005, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Reithel, Burnham, Davis, Lee, Stocks, Rholes, Sullivan-Gonzalez, Buntin, and Pate, Dr. Garner for Dean Wells, Dr. Sumrall,

                          Mr. Putta, Dr. Angle, Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, Dr. Clark, Dr. Hallam, Ms. Mantena for

                          Dr. Gates, Dr. Gispen, Dr. Canty


ABSENT:          Deans Eftink, Wells, and Chitwood, Ms. Piazza, Dr. Gates, Ms. Harrington,

                          Ms. Puckett


ALSO PRESENT:           Dr. Ronald Vernon

             1. Fall Minisession. Dr. Fant briefly reported on enrollment in the fall minisession, which stood at 350 students overall, 25 of which were students taking the Sloan on-line courses. These numbers suggest that the minisession is largely being enrolled in by current University students.

             2. Faculty Definitions.

             Dr. Ron Vernon was present to discuss a proposal concerning faculty definitions. A copy of the Definitions and Application of Terms, as amended by the Council, is attached as an exhibit to these minutes.

             There was some discussion as to the appropriate label for faculty hired in the expectation that they would shortly receive their Ph.D. There was no consensus on this issue, although Dean Hopkins indicated that the College of Liberal Arts sometimes designates such faculty simply as assistant professors.

             Dean Davis asked how the proposed faculty definitions would apply to legal writing instructors in the law school. Faculty are currently identified as acting assistant professors of law. The Provost indicated that she believed this designation was made so that these faculty would be qualified to teach graduate students, in this case, law students. Nevertheless, the Provost thought that these faculty could be referred to as instructors. She suggested that Dean Davis draft a policy on this issue and present it to the Graduate Council.

             Throughout this document the Council amended the faculty definitions to refer to “tenured or are tenure-track” rather than “tenured or are accruing time toward tenure.”

             With respect to the assistant professor designation, Dr. Vernon indicated that the committee proposing the definitions had eliminated the terminal degree language previously associated with this faculty classification, since some disciplines do not require a terminal degree for the assistant professor position.

             With respect to the clinical/instructional designation, Dr. Vernon indicated that the committee had removed language to the effect that faculty so designated are not paid.

             With respect to the emeritus designation, Dr. Vernon indicated that the committee had eliminated the reference to PERS. After some discussion concerning this issue, it was the sense of the Provost and the Council that emeritus status was appropriately reserved to faculty who had retired from the University rather than those who had simply resigned.

             After some discussion, the Council agreed that definitions of full-time faculty and part-time faculty were unnecessary in this document. Those references, consequently, have been removed.

             Generally, the “acting” designation applies to faculty, and the “interim” designation to administrators. With respect to the lecturer designation, Dean Burnham proposed, and the Council agreed, that language relating to notice of nonrenewal was appropriately removed from this document and dealt with elsewhere.

             With respect to the senior lecturer designation, Dr. Vernon noted that faculty could not be appointed to this position, only promoted to it.

             With respect to the research faculty designation, the Council agreed to remove the “expectation of continuing employment” language from this document, and to include it in a general policy concerning notifications.

             After further discussion, and on a motion by Dean Hopkins and a second by Dean Davis, the Council unanimously approved the faculty definitions as amended.

             3. Length of Advising Window in Academic Calendar. Dr. Fant briefly discussed the concerns of the Undergraduate Council concerning the length of the advising window in the academic calendar. The Council will take up this issue at its next meeting at the time it has this matter from the Undergraduate Council minutes before it.

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 11-7-05.