1:30 p.m., Monday, September 12, 2005, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:        Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Eftink, Burnham, Davis, Lee, Wells, Stocks, Rholes,

                          Chitwood, Sullivan-Gonzalez, Buntin, and Pate, Dean Hawley for Dean Reithel,

                          Dr. Sumrall, Ms. Piazza, Dr. Angle, Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, Dr. Clark, Dr. Gates,

                          Dr. Gispen, Dr. Canty, Ms. Harrington


ABSENT:          Dean Reithel, Mr. Putta, Dr. Hallam, Ms. Puckett

             1. Approval of Minutes. The Provost announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the May 9 and June 13 meetings without exception.

             2. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of July 28 and September 2.

             On a motion by Dean Eftink and a second by Dean Rholes, the Council unanimously approved the Undergraduate Council Minutes of July 28.

             The Secretary described the issues raised in the Undergraduate Council Minutes of September 2, including the Undergraduate Council’s four-four vote concerning reducing the mathematics requirements for the B.A. degree. At the prompting of the Provost, the Secretary indicated that he would have voted in favor of the proposal to reduce the mathematics requirements as recommended by the Curriculum and Policy Committee of the College of Liberal Arts. Dean Eftink initially moved and Dean Wells seconded a motion to approve the Undergraduate Council Minutes of September 2 as originally recorded. Dean Hopkins tendered a friendly amendment to this motion suggesting that the item concerning the mathematics requirement for the B.A. degree be described as having passed with the Secretary’s vote. This amendment was accepted by Dean Eftink and Dean Wells. After further discussion, including Dean Hopkins’ observation that the mathematics issue had been approved by a vote of 23 to 2 in the College’s C & P Committee and that the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees already only require three hours of mathematics, the Council unanimously approved the Undergraduate Council Minutes of September 2 as amended.

             3. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of April 1.

             On a motion by Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez and a second by Dean Davis, the Council unanimously approved the Graduate Council Minutes of April 1.

             4. Announcements.

             The Provost thanked Dr. Charlotte Fant for her presentation to the Executive Committee about recruitment. She indicated that the Chancellor is anxious for the University to do more in the area of student recruitment.

             The Provost conveyed a request that she had received from the Faculty Senate for space to store materials and for a graduate assistant to assume clerical functions. She indicated that she had provided the requested space but that she thought that it would be advisable for the Faculty Senate to make use of an existing secretary for its work. There was some discussion of whether there was a secretary on campus who might undertake this work. The matter was not conclusively resolved, but Dr. Tim Angle indicated that one of the secretaries from the Outreach division might be able to undertake work for the Faculty Senate.

             Dr. Kathy Gates announced that prerequisite and corequisite checking would not be implemented until November 28. She further indicated to the Council that advisers would be able to lift the adviser hold, and she announced that the Graduate School would begin shortly an admissions process that would include use of digital imaging. In addition, she announced that SAP was providing 340 used laptops for use by students affected by hurricane Katrina.

             Dean Eftink announced that invitations to submit applications for TACIT computers would soon go out. He further indicated that on-line evaluations were being revised to include specific questions for certain schools. Finally, he announced that there was a grant available from NASULGC for students affected by Katrina.

             Dr. Gispen discussed the process for processing job applications on-line and indicated that this process was inflexible. He specifically mentioned the issue concerning whether the on-line process would accept applicants who were ABD. There was some discussion of the necessity of being careful about indicating that ABD applicants were permitted. In addition, there was some discussion about the frustration of not being able to indicate preferred qualifications for job applicants. This issue is apparently one appropriately addressed to Bettie Puckett.

             There was general discussion of the number of students who had been admitted to the University who had been affected by hurricane Katrina. There appear to be 89 undergraduates, 12 law students, and 2 Fulbright students currently admitted under these circumstances. Elizabeth Piazza inquired about the appropriateness of planning a dinner for these transfer students. The Provost indicated that Whitman Smith was holding orientation sessions for these students and suggested that ASB might hold a reception for the students.

             Dr. Fant indicated that the University would be scheduling a mini semester, primarily to allow students affected by hurricane Katrina to take courses. After some discussion, it was agreed that the mini session would begin on October 10, and that that date would also be the last date to withdraw from classes for the fall semester.


             5. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.


APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 10-21-05.