1:30 p.m., Monday, December 9, 2002, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT:     Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Harvey, Chambless, Lee, Stocks, Meador, and

                        Chitwood, Dr. Don Cole for Dean Eftink, Dr. Marvin Wilson for Dean Wells,

                        Ms. Crosby, Dr. Angle, Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, Dr. Gates, Dr. Wyandt


ABSENT:       Dean Eftink, Dean Davis, Dean Wells, Dr. Adler, Mr. Satumba, Dr. Clark


ALSO PRESENT:      Dr. Kees Gispen

  1. Approval of Minutes. Dr. Staton announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the Minutes of the October 14 meeting without exception.

  2. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of October 4. On a motion by Dean Hopkins and a second by Dean Harvey, the Undergraduate Council Minutes of October 4 were accepted.

  3. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of November 8. The Council of Academic Administrators discussed at some length the proposal from the Undergraduate Council to adopt a Z-grade policy. After questioning some details of the proposal, Dean Hopkins proposed that the Z-grade policy be submitted for consideration by the chairs of the various schools before being acted upon by the Council of Academic Administrators. Accordingly, on a motion by Dean Hopkins and a second by Dean Harvey, the proposal in the Undergraduate Council Minutes concerning the Z-grade policy was tabled until the February meeting of the Council of Academic Administrators with the expectation that deans would solicit input from their chairs concerning the proposal. On a motion by Dean Harvey and a second by Dr. Donald Cole, the remaining items in the Minutes of the Undergraduate Council for November 8 were approved.

  4. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of October 18. On a motion by Dean Chambless and a second by Dean Hopkins, the Graduate Council Minutes of October 18 were accepted.

  5. Other Issues.

    a. Suspension of admissions into programs. Provost Staton mentioned that a proposal would be considered by the IHL Board at its next meeting on whether to permit institutions to suspend admissions into particular programs without formal Board approval for suspension of the programs themselves.

    b. Expediting review of course changes. The Provost discussed briefly the possibility of finding some procedure for expediting action by the Council of Academic Administrators on course changes, such as a process for members of the Council to approve via email or the web routine course changes.

    c. Location of classes. The Provost raised the issue of how the process of assigning classrooms for courses might be improved. In particular, she was concerned that faculty who wished to use instructional technology were not always assigned classrooms equipped with such technology and that faculty who did not seek to use this technology would be assigned to “smart” classrooms. 

    d. Evening classes. After a brief discussion, the Council agreed that evening division classes would be considered to be those that began at 5:00 p.m. or later during the day.

    e. Winter intercession. The Provost indicated that she had begun exploring the feasibility of the University offering courses during a Winter intercession. The Registrar explained how intercession courses might be offered beginning on January 2, with the regular spring semester not beginning until after Martin Luther King day. The current number of classroom minutes could be obtained during the spring semester by extending the semester by one week into May and by holding class either on two Saturdays during the semester or on Good Friday and one Saturday. Commencement, under this plan, would occur on the third Saturday in May. The Provost indicated that she had made inquiry with the IHL concerning whether the current number of required classroom minutes per semester might be reduced to an amount consistent with that required by other comparable institutions in the region. There was also some discussion of whether a winter intercession was preferable to the current spring intercession or whether it would be possible to start summer school a week later so as to create the opportunity for both a winter and a spring intercession.

    f. Technology matters. Kathy Gates reported to the Council about a number of technology issues, including a Blackboard update scheduled for December 18-19 and the move from the Legacy system to the new campus management computer system scheduled to occur during spring break.

  6. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.


                                                                        Carolyn Ellis Staton, Chair                             Date


                                                                        Timothy L. Hall, Secretary                             Date

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 1-22-03.