1:30 p.m., Monday, January 13, 2003, in Lyceum 200


PRESENT: Dr. Staton, Deans Hopkins, Harvey, Eftink, Chambless, Davis, Lee, Wells, Stocks, Meador, and Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Adler, Mr. Gordon Fellows for Ms. Crosby, Dr. Angle, Dr. Fant, Dr. Hall, and Dr. Gates


ABSENT:  Dean Chitwood, Ms. Crosby, Mr. Satumba, Dr. Clark, Dr. Wyandt

  1. Reaction to Undergraduate Council Minutes of December 6.
    On a motion by Dean Harvey and a second by Dean Wells, the Undergraduate Council Minutes of December 6 were accepted.

  2. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of November 22. On a motion by Dean Wells and a second by Dean Harvey, the Graduate Council Minutes of November 22 were accepted.

  3. Other Issues.

    a. The Provost noted that she had changed the title of the Director of the Honors College to Dean of the Honors College and that Dr. Douglass Sullivan-Gonzalez, recently appointed to this position, would become a member of the Council of Academic Administrators. Dr. Donna Adler, Chair of the Faculty Senate, noted that she believed that the pool of candidates for the Honors College search was weak, and that it might have been stronger had the title of the position been changed to dean prior to the search announcement. The Provost responded that she had changed the title to dean after the initiation of the Honors College search, in part, because the Faculty Senate had recommended that she do so.

    b. The Provost announced that the Chancellor wished to have a meeting with all deans and chairs some time in the near future, probably on a Friday afternoon.

    c. The Provost commented on a memorandum she had recently sent the deans regarding faculty positions that are filled. The memorandum stated that the Provost would transfer to the general instructional budget any surplus between the difference of a departing faculty member’s salary and the salary paid to a new faculty member. She observed that this arrangement might not be permanent, but that it was necessary in the short term to allow her to respond to financial needs within the University. She observed that this policy was already in place with respect to University staff

    d. The Provost questioned Dr. Charlotte Fant, the University Registrar, concerning whether minors could be designated on student transcripts. Dr. Fant indicated that minors are not presently designated but that they could be and that, in fact, the National Association of Registrars recommends this designation. Normally, the Registrar’s office obtains information about a student’s major, and presumably could obtain the same information about a student’s minor, from the records coordinator in a particular school. Dr. Fant did not believe the issue of designating a minor on a transcript needed to go before the Undergraduate Council. The Provost asked the Registrar to investigate what steps need to be taken to permit the designation of minors.

    e. The Provost asked the Council’s secretary to comment about current US 101 matters. The secretary announced that he would no longer be serving as US 101 program coordinator, and that the Provost had appointed Dr. Christy Wyandt to this position. The secretary also mentioned that the Provost had appointed a task force to consider the US 101 program, and that one of the possibilities that this task force is exploring is replacing the current US 101 program with an abbreviated orientation course that would occur in the last two or three days before fall classes.

    f. The Provost discussed a proposed winter intercession that would begin on January 2, and continue through the last Saturday before Martin Luther King Day. If a winter intercession were scheduled along these lines, the spring semester would begin the day after Martin Luther King Day. The Provost indicated that she is currently exploring with the IHL Board whether the current 2450 contact minutes requirement might be reduced to a level comparable to the number of contact minutes required by our peer institutions outside of Mississippi. If this number were not reduced and the spring term began the day after Martin Luther King Day, the spring semester would last a week longer than at present, including two Saturday classes, with graduation on the third Saturday in May. The Provost suggested as reasons in favor of offering a winter intercession the following: (1) students with poor academic performance during the fall semester would have an immediate chance of remediation; (2) a winter intercession would facilitate study abroad opportunities; (3) a winter intercession might be used to schedule brief internship courses; (4) it would allow faculty who wish to participate in teaching during the intercession to increase their annual salary; and (5) it would give faculty who wish to research a time period in which they could use available research funds. Under this proposal, we would still have a spring intercession. A winter intercession along the lines suggested here could be offered as early as next winter. Gordon Fellows, the ASB representative present, indicated that he is about to send out a questionnaire to students on various issues and that he would include a survey question concerning a winter intercession. Dean Meador suggested that if the University were to offer a winter intercession then it would need to take steps to provide additional infrastructure resources. Dr. Kathy Gates agreed with this observation.

    g. The Council’s secretary reminded members that the Z-grade proposal would be back before the Council of Academic Administrators at its February meeting.

    h. Dr. Kathy Gates informed the Council that Blackboard had been upgraded on New Year’s Eve. She indicated that there were some bugs with the program relating to discussion boards and class grades, but that she was working with the software vendor to resolve these problems.

    i. Dr. Kathy Gates reported on the current status of the migration to the Campus Management system. She indicated that initial migration tests, which included the transfer of twenty thousand partial student records, were successful. She expected the formal migration from the current Legacy system to Campus Management to occur during spring break.

    j. Dr. Donna Adler reported on a proposal from the Faculty Senate to revise the current policy regarding extension of the probationary period for tenure. She indicated that Dr. Nancy Bercaw had surveyed other university policies and had helped to develop a new proposed policy for the University of Mississippi which the Faculty Senate had approved. She requested that the proposal be placed on the agenda for the Council’s next monthly meeting.

    k. Dr. Adler observed that the Council, at its last meeting, had taken no action on the proposed policy for hiring administrators that had been placed on the agenda at her request. She noted that the Faculty Senate wished to have feedback concerning the policy. The Provost responded that Dr. Adler had not been present at the Council’s last meeting, and that no motion to approve the policy had been made. The Provost further noted that the first time the matter had come before the Council, on a motion by Dr. Larry Bush, Dr. Bush’s motion that the policy be approved had died for lack of a second. The second time the policy had been placed on the Council’s agenda, the Faculty Senate’s representative, Dr. Marvin Overby, had made no motion that the policy be approved. Following a brief additional discussion concerning this issue, the Council did not take any action on the proposal

    l. Dr. Tim Angle announced that Southaven would exceed five hundred students for the first time this semester and that there were fourteen hundred to fifteen hundred actual enrollments. He also noted that the Southaven campus was offering its first Saturday classes.

    m. The Provost announced that a proposed distance learning program contemplated for the Gulf Coast would not go forward.

     n. Dean Meador called the Council’s attention to recent news reports that an important library serial vendor was going bankrupt and that many libraries were losing substantial sums of money as a result of this bankruptcy. He indicated that the University of Mississippi was not among this group of libraries and that the University of Mississippi library was not losing money because of this bankruptcy.

    o. Dean Lee observed that the Engineering School was working with Tim Angle to begin offering courses in DeSoto County.

    p. Dr. Eftink announced that the University was piloting a web-based form of new course approval. He also discussed issues relating to the administration and posting of teacher evaluations in view of the University’s migration to the Campus Management system. He stated that because of this transition web-based presentation of the results of spring student evaluations would be difficult to create. He proposed that there be no presentation of student evaluation results via the web for the spring semester but that student evaluations be administered and collected at the department level. Gordon Fellows, on behalf of the ASB, stated that he did not think students would be upset with this development if the circumstances requiring it were explained. There followed some discussion about the elimination of scantron-based student evaluations in favor of web-based evaluations that would work with the Campus Management system. Some concern was expressed of whether student participation in evaluations would decline if the University moved to a web-based evaluation system. The Provost indicated that the Undergraduate Council should take up this issue. There was also discussion about whether the presentation of web-based student evaluation results should continue to be limited to the olemiss.edu domain or whether access to evaluation results should be permitted using a web ID. The Provost indicated her preference for limiting student evaluation results to the olemiss.edu domain. With respect to Dr. Eftink’s proposal that for the spring semester of 2003, student evaluations be administered and maintained at the department level, Dean Hopkins indicated that in the College of Liberal Arts at least some departments, at the insistence of their faculty, did not maintain student evaluations. The Provost responded to this concern by stating that we would work around this problem.

    q. Dr. Eftink also reported that he had sent to the IHL a Performance Report that the University had been requested to complete. This report included a variety of targets. He indicated that he was not sure about the future of this particular report now that the IHL had a new commissioner.

    r. Dean Wells reported that the Faser addition was under way and scheduled to be completed by late March, at which point renovation would begin on the fourth floor of Faser Hall.

    s. The Provost announced that Dr. Don Cole is available to work with schools and departments on issues relating to minority faculty recruitment.

    t. Dean Hopkins announced that Jan Murray had assumed a position as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and that her responsibilities include working with minority students and minority faculty.


                                                                        Carolyn Ellis Staton, Chair                             Date


                                                                        Timothy L. Hall, Secretary                             Date

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 2-18-03.