1:30 p.m., Monday, January 22, 1996, in the Board Room of the Lyceum

PRESENT: Dr. Walton, Deans Abadie, Boxx, Dingerson, Chambless, Smith, Roberts, Davis, and Clark, Dr. Ray, Mr. Posey

ABSENT: Dean Westerfield, Dean Meador, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Kostopulos,

Dr. Staton

ALSO PRESENT: Dr. Jim Nichols

1. Approval of Minutes. It was announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the November 20 meeting without exception.

2. One Hundred Doctorates. Dr. Jim Nichols led a discussion about the importance of the University of Mississippi consistently granting doctorates to over one hundred persons each year. He pointed out that the Southern Regional Education Board annually provides statistical information to coordinating boards and legislatures in the South and called attention to a listing showing that Mississippi State University is the only university in Mississippi currently classified as an SREB Four-Year I institution ("awarding at least 100 doctoral degrees which are distributed among at least 10 broad fields of study..."). Concern is that members of the Board of Trustees of State-Supported Institutions in Mississippi may consider allocating funds on the basis of the SREB classifications. Following discussion of the recent history of graduate studies here and the need for considerable information, Dean Abadie and others recommended the appointment of a committee to gather data (on such topics as the support of graduate students for the purpose of completing degrees as compared to supporting graduate students to provide low-cost instruction) and make recommendations. Serving on the committee will be Dr. Carolyn Ellis Staton, Dean Michael Dingerson, Dean H. Dale Abadie, Dr. Jim Nichols, and/or Dr. Susan Swayze, and Dr. T. J. Ray. Attachment #1 provides information on this topic.

3. Budget Planning. Dr. Nichols answered questions about forthcoming on-campus consideration of proposals for fiscal year 1997-98. Proposals must reach the office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by January 30.

4. Reaction to Minutes of the Undergraduate Council Meetings of

December 15 and December 20. Dean Dingerson, seconded by Dean Davis, moved acceptance of the minutes of the Undergraduate Council meeting of December 15, 1995. The motion was carried unanimously. Dean Roberts, seconded by Dean Boxx, moved acceptance of the minutes of the Undergraduate Council meeting for December 20, 1995. The motion was carried unanimously.

5. Fees for Non-Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. Dean Roberts, seconded by Dean Boxx, made a motion that the School of Pharmacy be allowed to charge persons registering for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree through the non-traditional manner a $400 registration fee, $83 per semester hour for courses, and $400 per clinical evaluation clerkship. The motion was carried unanimously.

6. Teacher Evaluation Instruments. The University must have additional scan forms if current teacher evaluation instruments are to be used during the current semester. Some faculty members have recommended redesigning the evaluation forms.

Minutes of the Academic Council

Page Two

January 22, 1996

Consensus was that enough scan forms should be purchased for evaluations during the current semester and during the fall and spring semesters of the 1996-97 academic year. Dean Dingerson will provide information about three research groups on the campus that might participate in redesigning the evaluation forms.

7. Southern Association Self-Study. The University of Mississippi is scheduled to begin its self-study for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in preparation for 1999 reaffirmation of accreditation. SACS is piloting an alternate self-study model, which "allows an institution more freedom and room for creativity in the self-study process than the traditional approach." Dr.

T. J. Ray has suggested that the University consider the alternate self-study approach, with technology being the central focus. Consensus was that members of the Council will wait to make a recommendation about the approach until additional information is received in February.

8. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 3 p.m.


Gerald W. Walton, Chair Date


Carolyn Ellis Staton, Secretary Date



Robert C. Khayat, Chancellor Date