1:30 p.m., Monday, June 15, 1998, in the Lyceum Board Room

PRESENT: Dr. Walton, Deans Abadie, Dr. Canty for Dean Boxx, Dr. Vinson for Dean Chambless, S. Davis, Smith, Roberts, Meador, Dr. Williamson, Mr. Oesterling for Dr. Clark, Ms. Fant, Dr. Staton, Dr. Borne

ABSENT: Deans Boxx, Eftink, Chambless, J. Davis, Mr. Hammack, Mr. Wilkins, Dr. Clark, Dr. Oliphant

ALSO PRESENT: Mr. Johnny Williams, Mr. Gary Bridgman, and Ms. Sabrina Brown


1. Vice Chancellor Johnny Williams. Dr. Walton introduced Mr. Johnny Williams, the new Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.

2. Approval of Minutes. Dr. Walton announced that Chancellor Khayat had approved the March 30, 1998, Minutes of the Academic Council without exception.

3. Catalog Covers. Ms. Sabrina Brown presented choices for catalog covers to the Academic Council. Upon a motion by Dean Roberts, seconded by Dean Smith, a collage version was chosen for the catalog copy. The vote was 4-3. Dr. Abadie requested that we note for the record his continued opposition to the nickname "Ole Miss" on the catalog.

4. Reaction to the Minutes of the Graduate Council of May 1, 1998. Upon a motion by Dean Roberts seconded by Dean Smith, the Academic Council accepted the Minutes of the Graduate Council meeting of May 1, 1998.

5. Report from Faculty Senate. Dr. John Williamson made a report for the Senate. He stated that at the last meeting the Senate had talked about the re-engineering project and that the Faculty Senate wanted to support the Staff Council in its request to get a copy of the re-engineering report. The Senate would also like to look at the administrative review process, both in terms of the frequency of review and the feedback. In addition, the Faculty Senate would like the budget on the web, and they would like to put on the web an expert speakersí list.

6. Promotion for Research Personnel. Dr. Roberts asked about the provision mentioned in the September 29, 1997, minutes about promotion for research personnel. Dr. Walton stated that he believed Mr. Hartley had put this in the Faculty Handbook and that he would check to see that that has happened, but indeed the policy of promoting research faculty was now operable.



Minutes of the Academic Council

Page Two

June 15, 1998

7. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 p.m.



Gerald W. Walton, Chair Date


Carolyn Ellis Staton, Secretary Date





Robert C. Khayat, Chancellor Date