2:30 p.m., Monday, September 23, 1996, in the Board Room of the Lyceum

PRESENT: Dr. Walton, Deans Abadie, Boxx, Dingerson, Chambless, Roberts, Meador,

Dr. Bush for Dr. Champion, Dr. Vaughan for Dean Smith, Dr. Flesher for Dean Davis, Dr. Gilbert, Mr. Blazakis, Mr. Stricker, Dr. Clark, Mr. Posey, Dr. Staton

ABSENT: Dean Champion, Dean Smith, Dean Davis

ALSO PRESENT: Ms. Bonnie Krause, Dr. Bill Oliphant, Dr. Jeanette Phillips,

Dr. Jim Sabatier, Dr. Gay Hatfield, Dr. Jan Hawks, Mr. Jack Adams

1. Approval of Minutes. Dr. Walton announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the July 1 and July 22 meetings without exception.

2. Reaction to Graduate Council Minutes of June 18, 1996. Upon a motion by Dr. Dingerson, seconded by Dr. Boxx, the minutes of the Graduate Council of June 18, 1996, were approved.

3. Faculty Senate Report. Dr. Faye Gilbert, Chair of the Faculty Senate, gave a report.

4. Maximum Number of Hours a Student Can Take in a Semester. Dale Abadie spoke about limiting the number of hours a student can take in a semester, and he asked that this be discussed at a later date.

5. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Gerald W. Walton, Chair Date

Carolyn Ellis Staton, Secretary Date


Robert C. Khayat, Chancellor Date