1 p.m., Friday, May 7, 2004, in Lyceum 110


PRESENT:        Dr. Hall, Dr. Gispen, Dr. Pepper, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Dyer, Dr. Blodgett, Dr. Kroeger,

                          Dr. Murchison, Dr. Fant, Dr. Wilkin, Dr. Major, Mr. Upton, Dr. Eftink


ABSENT:          Dr. West, Dr. Wilder, Mr. Walker


ALSO PRESENT:           Dr. Murray Nabors

             1. Approval of Minutes. The Chair announced that Chancellor Khayat has approved the minutes of the January 9 meeting without exception.

             2. Biology Learning Community and Request to Add BISC 100 (see Attachment #1, Page 1). Dr. Murray Nabors, Chair of the Biology Department, was present to discuss this issue. He generally described the plans of the Biology Department to work with Student Housing to reserve a floor in Stockard/Martin for students who would be taking Biology 160 and Biology 100. Two faculty members from the Biology Department would be associated with the BISC 100 course: Dr. Murray Nabors and Dr. Gail Stratton. Dr. Kroeger wondered whether the size of the learning community would be sufficient to handle the kind of interpersonal dynamics that might present themselves, such as romances between members of the learning community. Dr. Nabors had experience with the biology learning community at James Madison University and thought the size of this community would be sufficient to blunt such effects. He was specifically interested in having the learning community in Stockard/Martin because of the large number of other students who reside in that dorm. The chair wondered whether situating the biology learning community in Stockard/Martin might exacerbate patterns of residential segregation along racial lines. Dr. Nabors indicated that he hoped that the biology learning community, like the floor allocated to members of the Honors College, might increase the number of minority students in Stockard/Martin. The Council discussed the need to collect data about the effectiveness of the learning community. There was also some discussion of whether it was a good idea to have freshmen segregated from upper class students as they largely are in Stockard/ Martin. In addition, there was some discussion of whether the creation of a biology learning community would unfairly disadvantage students who did not reside on campus during their freshman year. After additional discussion and on a motion by Dr. Blodgett and a second by Dr. Major, the Council unanimously approved the proposal to add BISC 100.

             There followed a brief discussion concerning whether the Undergraduate Council needed to approve the proposed biology learning community. At the request of Dr. Murray Nabors and on a motion by Dr. Dyer and a second by Dr. Gispen, the Council unanimously approved a two-year experimental offering of the biology learning community with the understanding that data concerning the learning community would be collected during both years and a report made to the Undergraduate Council after the first and second year of the learning community’s existence.

             In connection with the discussion about the biology learning community and with awareness that the Undergraduate Council might be called upon to consider the idea of residential colleges and/or a freshman center, the Council requested the chair to try to obtain from the director of student housing information about the number of freshmen who live on campus and how they are distributed in the various buildings as well as an historical picture of occupancy in campus residences for the last ten years.

             The Council, being aware of the Provost’s plan to create various task forces next year, was also interested in being kept up to date about the activity of these task forces. Dr. Gispen proposed that the Undergraduate Council have a representative to the undergraduate task force next year.

             3. Courses (see Attachment #1, Pages 2-8). On a motion by Dr. Dyer and a second by Dr. Major, the Council unanimously approved these courses.

             4. Other Catalog Changes (see Attachment #2). On a motion by Dr. Kroeger and a second by Dr. Major, the Council unanimously approved the changes.

             5. ASB Senate Resolution 04-07 on Academic Advising (see Attachment #3). Since the ASB representative to the Council was not present, the Council thought it would be appropriate to table further discussion of this issue until the fall semester. Consequently, on a motion by Dr. Gispen and a second by Dr. Kroeger, the Council unanimously voted to table the resolution until the fall. The Council understood that the issue of academic advising might be one studied by the undergraduate task force expected to be appointed by the Provost in the fall.

             6. Petition of Artis Jermaine Ford (see Attachment #4). On a motion by Dr. Blodgett and a second by Dr. Gispen, the Council unanimously approved the petition of Mr. Ford to use the 1995 catalog to complete his degree and to complete his last two classes at a location other than the University of Mississippi (although it was recommended that he consider taking these classes on line if possible). The petition was granted subject to Mr. Ford completing his degree requirements by August, 2005. Although Mr. Ford had also petitioned the Council to give him transfer credit for an accounting class he had previously taken, the Council believed that this issue was one that should be decided by the College of Liberal Arts.

             7. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

All items approved by the Council of Academic Administrators on May 17, 2004.

APPROVED by Chancellor Khayat on 6-9-04.