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Agenda for the Meeting of the Senate of the Faculty
September 9, 2004 4:45 PM*
Thad Cochran Research Center (Natural Products Center), Room 2066

*Note meeting time.

I.                   Old Business and Updates

a. Minutes of the May 6, 2004 minutes_20040300.html

            b. Instructor Career Ladder (Instructor Policy) – Dean Hopkins

            c. Teacher Evaluations – Assoc Prov Maurice Eftink & Assistant VC Kathy Gates

d.      Faculty and Staff Compensation Incentive Plan

 e.      Committee on Elections – Chris McCurdy

Elections to University Committees

II.        Reports from Committees

a.  Academic Support Services: Chair, Michelle Emanuel

                  Honor Code   

                  Electronic Privacy

            b.  Faculty Governance: Chair, John Bruce

                  Background Check

            c.  University Services: Chair, Laura Sheppardson

                  Contractual Readmission

            d.  Academic Affairs: Chair, Robert Brown

                   Proposals by the ASB

            e.  Finance Committee: Chair, Rick Elam

III.       New Business

a.      Editorial Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Faculty Senate

b.      Faculty Survey

c.       ASB Resolutions

d.      Chancellor’s Wine & Cheese Social (Dec. 9)

IV.              Next Meeting

October 14


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