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Historial Overview of the Faculty House


1. The original Faculty Club was organized in 1952 and disbanded in 1972.

2. In 1995, the idea for a new Faculty Club was discussed and in 1996 a survey was sent to faculty to ascertain their interest.

3. 1996--Carolyn Staton , Ed Sisson, Karen Green, and others begin to look at the George H. Street House and layout uses for the rooms based on the survey.

4. 1997--The George H. Street House is remodeled, but Croft needs a home until the Y Building can be renovated.

5. 1999-2000—The Academic Support Committee discusses who should be on a Committee of Directors to begin the process of making the George H. Street Faculty House a reality.

6. May, 2000—Carolyn Staton calls Jeanette Martin and asks if we think the Faculty House will use the entire George H. Street House because the Isom Center would also like to be in the building. After a couple of meetings with Carolyn Staton and Debra Barker, it is realized that the Isom Center does have a current home and does not need to move immediately. Carolyn Staton agrees that the university will cover general everyday maintenance, leave the current furniture, and provide care of the physical building. The Faculty House would have to cover administrative personnel and clean-up after gatherings or use of the kitchen. Dues can be collected through payroll deduction.

7. August, 2000—The Directors determine that the Faculty House can in fact use all the space in the George H. Street House.

8. September, 2000—The Director’s are surveying the faculty to determine the uses for the building, drawing up the initial by-laws, and making plans to take over the house in late October or early November depending on when Croft can move.

9. December, 2000—Membership Drive, activities, lunches, et cetera.