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This information is taken from the minutes of the May, 1997, meeting

Attachment B: Phase I of Standing University Committee Revisions

Revisions to the Standing Committees are complicated and will require input from several sources. The Senate intends to begin the revision process, paying particular attention to the need for flexibility in topics considered by committees as well as representation. Specific motions to be considered in May are shown on the reverse side of this form.

Advisory Standing Committees

1. Student Affairs Committee


1. Scholastic Competition

2. University Judicial Council**

3. Student Housing

4. Student Organizations

5. Student Publications


6. Student Financial Aid

7. Academic Discipline

8. Admiss/Orient


9 Refunds


2. Faculty Affairs Committee


1. Academic Freedom & Faculty Responsibility

2. Outstanding Teacher Award (as established)

3. Commencement

4. Honors Day

5. Junior College Liaison


6. International Programs

7. Tenure and Promotion Appeals (tenured & associate+ only)

8. Tenure & Promotion Review (tenured & associate + only)

9. Summer Session

10. Faculty Club **Potential new**

3. Staff/Faculty Benefits Committee


1. Retirement & Insurance

2. Housing of Faculty & Staff


4. Cultural Events


1. Artist Series

2. Museums

3. University Lecture Series


5. Library/Special Collections Development


6. Technology Enhancement


1. Computer Center

2. TeleProductions Resource Center


7. Environmental Safety


1. Biological Safety

2. Chemical Safety

3. Occupational Safety

4. Radiation Safety


8. University Affairs Committee


1. Recreational Facilities/TurnerCenter

2. Campus Improvements

3. Campus-wide petitions

4. Maintenance & Upkeep** Potential New **

5. Traffic Safety

Policy Committees

Academic Council

Undergraduate Council

Graduate Council

University Research Board

University Planning Council


Proposed Motions (at this time):

1. The proposed structure for the Advisory Standing Committees relies on "umbrella" committees that would then coordinate the work of the sub-committees listed on the reverse side of this page. [The intention is that any ad hoc committee needed may be fulfilled by an "umbrella" unit that would then create an ad hoc committee, if necessary, for that topic area.]

2. Proposed Operational Guidelines for the Advisory Standing Committees

1. Subcommittees meet when needed/called by the Umbrella Committee

2. Annual reports are sent to the Chancellor, Provost and the Senate of the Faculty

3. All Umbrella Committees shall meet at least biannually and shall convene within the first 21 days of the semester to determine sub-committee assignments.

4. The Chancellor and/or the Provost shall assign tasks to the appropriate Umbrella Committee that will then make assignments to subcommittees.

5. Individuals should not Lead, or Chair, committees that have direct responsibility for his/her area of work. These individuals should be ex officio members only.

6. All ad hoc committees currently in operation should be re-assigned to Standing Umbrella Committees, if at all feasible.

7. Administration may add staff, student, or additional faculty representation to standing committees where appropriate. The Senate of the Faculty should (will?) use Summer Sessions of the Senate to form eight work teams to revise descriptions of the Umbrella and subcommittees; provide suggestions as to the number and source of faculty for Umbrella Committees; initial suggestions as to the number of staff and student representatives, and suggestions as to the composition and responsibilities of each of the subcommittees in that unit.

4. Issues identified which seem to need Senate consideration may include (but are not limited to):

a. 2 or 3-year appointments to the Standing Committees, with alternates available to replace those who resign or who leave the University (as opposed to annual replacement currently)

b. Staggered terms in key committees for continuity

c. Appointments of faculty senate representatives to these committees (if reports do in fact come to the Senate from the Umbrellas, can we relax the need for a Faculty Senate Rep assigned to each; select critical areas for Senate representation...)

d. New cornmittee suggestions (i.e. Maintenance and Upkeep; Faculty Club; University Judicial Council) and ad hoc requests - organized and implemented by the Umbrellas?