Letter from Executive Committee to Provost, re: Business School Procedure
May 1, 2002

Dear Provost Staton:

The Senate of the Faculty passed the attached resolution concerning the procedure that your office has forwarded to the Business School faculty. In addition, that body has instructed the Executive Committee of the Senate to convey a "sense of the Senate" on this issue.

While the membership of the Senate recognizes the advisory nature of our suggested procedure, there is widespread disappointment that almost none of Senate's procedural provisions were adopted. Especially troubling is the deletion of provisions that protect faculty governance and that insure fully informed decision making. Given the dramatic differences between the Senate's Proposed Procedure and the Procedure adopted by the Provost, the latter procedure cannot fairly be described as "follow[ing], with some modifications recommended by the School of Business faculty, the proposed recommendations to the Faculty Senate." Rather, there is widespread sentiment that the Provost's Procedure would not have been approved by the Senate. The recommendations in the attached resolution provide advice from the Senate regarding steps to protect faculty involvement and promote informed decision making.

In short, an overwhelming majority of the members of the Senate of the Faculty request that the procedure forwarded to the Business School faculty on April 15, 2002 by the Provost's office not be presented as a procedure approved by the Senate of the Faculty. We are sure you will understand the Senate's desire that only procedures approved by the Senate be represented as procedures arising from the Senate.

Executive Committee
Senate of the Faculty