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Resolution: Changes to the Constitution to Convert to a Chair Elect System

Section 9. The organizational meeting of the new Senate shall be called by the Chair of the previous year during the month of January following completion of the election, at which meeting the Senate shall elect a Vice Chair, and a Secretary. The immediate past chair shall not be eligible for an elected office election as an officer during the year following incumbency.

  • Chair. The Chair's term shall be one year.
  • Past Chair. The outgoing Chair shall be the Post Chair. In the event of a vacancy in the Past Chair position, the most recent Past Chair willing to serve shall assume that office.
  • Vice Chair. The Vice Chair's term shall be one year. The Vice Chair shall serve one year as Vice Chair, followed by one years as Chair, and one year as Past Chair.

Transition Year. At the organizational meeting of the new Senate in January, 2003, the Senate shall elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.

The officers of the Senate shall be the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Secretary, and the immediate past Chair. These officers along with the elected Chairs of the following five standing committees: General Academic Affairs, Academic Support Affairs, Finance and University Services, and Faculty Governance of Academic Policy shall serve as the executive Committee of the Senate. Election of the Vice Chair, and Secretary shall be by ballot of the entire Senate. Each Senate standing committee shall elect its own chair who will appoint Senate committee representatives to the University Standing Committees. Senate committee membership shall be determined by the aforementioned four Senate officers, but continuing Senate members shall retain their previous committee membership if they so desire.