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Faculty Senators 2017-2018

Senate Chair: Brice Noonan (Biology)
Vice Chair: Stacey Lantagne (Law)
Secretary: Meagen Rosenthal (Pharmacy Administration)
Past Chair: Michael Barnett (Theatre Arts)

Chair of Committee on Academic Instructional Affairs: Antonia Eliason (Law)
Chair of Committee on Academic Conduct: Vivian Ibrahim (History)
Chair of Committee on Development & Planning: Aileen Ajootian (Classics)
Chair of Committee on Finance & Benefits:
Andrew Lynch (Finance)
Chair of Committee on Governance: April Holm (History)
Chair of Committee on Research & Creative Achievement
: Christian Sellar (Public Policy Leadership)
Chair of Committee on University Services: Brad Jones (Biology)


Name: Jeff Pickerd
Email: jspicker@olemiss.edu

African American Studies
Name: Patrick Alexander
Email: pealexan@olemiss.edu

Art & Art History
Name: Nancy Wicker
Email: nwicker@olemiss.edu

Biology (1)
Name: Brad Jones
Email: jonesbw@olemiss.edu

Biology (2)
Name: Brice Noonan
Email: bnoonan@olemiss.edu

BioMolecular Sciences
Name: Zia Shariat-Madar
Email: madar@olemiss.edu

Chemical Engineering
Name: Brenda Prager
Email: bhprager@olemiss.edu

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Name: Randy Wadkins
Email:  rwadkins@olemiss.edu

Civil Engineering
Name: Chris Mullen
Email: cvchris@olemiss.edu

Name: Aileen Ajootian
Email: ajootian@olemiss.edu

Communication Sciences & Disorders
Name: Tossi Ikuta
Email:  tikuta@olemiss.edu

Computer & Information Science
Name: Byung Jang
Email:  bjang@cs.olemiss.edu

Name: Vacant

Electrical Engineering
Name: Lei Cao
Email:  lcao@olemiss.edu

English (1)
Name: Beth Ann Fennelly
Email:  bafennel@olemiss.edu

English (2)
Name: Adam Gussow
Email:  agussow@olemiss.edu

English (3)
Name: Ethel Scurlock
Email:  eyoungmi@olemiss.edu

Name: Andrew Lynch
Email: alynch@bus.olemiss.edu

Name: Jennifer Gifford
Email: jngiffor@olemiss.edu

Health, Exercise Science & Recreation Management
Name: KoFan Lee
Email: klee18@olemiss.edu

History (1)
Name: Zachary Kagan Guthrie
Email:  zkguthri@olemiss.edu

History (2)
Name: April Holm
Email:  aholm@olemiss.edu

History (3)
Name: Vivian Ibrahim
Email:  vibrahim@olemiss.edu

Journalism (1)
Name: Evangeline Robinson
Email: ewrobins@olemiss.edu

Journalism (2)
Name: Alysia Burton Steele
Email: alysia@olemiss.edu

Law (1)
Name: Antonia Eliason
Email: aeliason@olemiss.edu

Law (2)
Name: Stacey Lantagne
Email: lantagne@olemiss.edu

Leadership & Counselor Education
Name: Dennis Bunch
Email: dbunch@olemiss.edu

Legal Studies
Name: Kimberly Kaiser
Email: kakaise1@olemiss.edu

Library (1)
Name: Amy Gibson
Email: aemark@olemiss.edu

Library (2)
Name: Cecelia Parks
Email: cparks@olemiss.edu

Name: John Berns
Email: jpberns@olemiss.edu

Management Information Systems
Name: Sumali Conlon
Email: sconlon@bus.olemiss.edu

Name: Cesar Rego
Email: crego@olemiss.edu

Name: Martial Longla
Email: mlongla@olemiss.edu

Mechanical Engineering
Name: Tejas Pandya
Email: tspandya@olemiss.edu

Modern Languages (1)
Name: Stephen Fafulas
Email: stephenf@olemiss.edu

Modern Languages (2)
Name: Sara Wellman
Email: slwellma@olemiss.edu

Music (1)
Name: Thomas Peattie
Email: tpeattie@olemiss.edu

Music (2)
Name: Vacant

Nutrition & Hospitality Management
Name: Mary Roseman
Email: mroseman@olemiss.edu  

Name: Chalet Tan
Email: chalettan@olemiss.edu  

Pharmacy Administration
Name: Meagen Rosenthal
Email: mmrosent@olemiss.edu

Pharmacy Practice
Name: Gary Thielman
Email: gthielman@umc.edu

Philosophy & Religion
Name: Deborah Mower
Email: dsmower@olemiss.edu

Physics & Astronomy
Name: Breese Quinn
Email: quinn@phy.olemiss.edu

Political Science
Name: Tim Nordstrom
Email: tnordstr@olemiss.edu

Name: Marilyn Mendolia
Email: pymm@olemiss.edu

Public Policy Leadership
Name: Christian Sellar
Email: csellar@olemiss.edu

Social Work
Name: Younghee Lim
Email: youlim@olemiss.edu

Sociology & Anthropology (1)
Name: Marcos Mendaoza
Email: mendoza@olemiss.edu

Sociology & Anthropology (2)
Name: Ana Velitchkova
Email: avelitch@olemiss.edu

Teacher Education (1)
Name: Jessica Essary
Email: jnessary@olemiss.edu

Teacher Education (2)
Name: Mark Ortwein
Email: mortwein@olemiss.edu

Teacher Education (3)
Name: Roy Thurston
Email: rthursto@olemiss.edu

Theatre Arts
Name: Rory Ledbetter
Email: rledbett@olemiss.edu

Writing & Rhetoric
Name: Robert Cummings
Email: cummings@olemiss.edu