The University of Mississippi

About HealthWorks


The HealthWorks team consists of members and leaders throughout University working in support of the strategic goals of the University as it relates to employee wellness. Specifically:

Develop and implement a multiyear plan for promoting and advancing health, nutrition, exercise, and individual wellness among all employees. Set the University as a beacon of leadership throughout the state by educating and fostering a community that is committed to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and campus environment. Develop and integrate industry-leading programs and initiatives that will transform health promotion, nutrition, exercise, and individual wellness for all employees. The University’s multiyear healthy campus plan should:

Establish a plan for supporting an industry-leading work/life balance program by enhancing flexibility in the workplace and improving employee services (e.g., fitness center, health center, and child care center, etc.)

Partner with the School of Applied Sciences to develop and promote a nutrition planning program for employees by utilizing faculty and graduate student expertise in nutrition and health promotions.

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