IT Helpdesk – Password Change Request Form

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Today’s Date: Thu. March 23, 2017







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         This form allows you to request a new password to be set on your account(s).

         PLEASE PRINT NEATLY! Use only lower case letters.

         Indicate a zero with the symbol Ř and a one with the symbol 1 (underlined).


o   Passwords must be 8 - 16 characters in length.

o   Passwords must contain at least 4 letters and 1 number.

o   Passwords should not contain your real name or WebID.

o   Cannot match your last 4 passwords.



Your Login Name

Requested Password


WebID is your user name to all Web-based Campus Services






































Specify server name:


(Sunset, Cedar, etc.)
























SAP GUI Username

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(Production, QAS, etc.)


Fill this out ONLY if you are unable to log on to the SAP GUI.



















Valid Photo IDs Include:

               University ID Card

               Driver’s License


               Other Government-Issued ID


Requests that are not accompanied by valid photo identification or are hard to read will cause delays and may not be processed.

When you have completed this form, fax it with the copy of your Photo ID to 662-915-5750, or email to We will attempt to contact you ONLY if we cannot complete your request. Password
change requests will only be processed during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm).