Employee Email Configuration Help

Outlook (Windows) Settings

1. In the Windows Control Panel, open the Mail icon.
2. Click the Show Profiles button.
3. To create a new profile, click the Add button.
4. Enter a meaningful name for the Profile Name, then click OK.
5. The next screen will prompt you for your account information. Check the box to manually configure server settings or additional server types and then click next.
6. The Microsoft Exchange Server will be ummail.ad.olemiss.edu. Make sure that the Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked. Enter your WebID in the User Name Box and click Check Name.
7. When a windows security box opens, you will enter ad\WebID (where WebID is your WebID) and your password.
8. Open Outlook, and Windows will ask you to repeat Step 7.

Outlook (Mac) Settings

1. Start Outlook 2011.
2. On the Welcome screen, we recommend that you choose to Make Outlook the default application for email, calendar and contacts. Then select Add Account.
3. On the first Accounts screen, click Exchange Account.
4. Enter your Ole Miss email address. Make sure Method is set to User Name and Password.
5. Enter your User Name as ad\WebID (where WebID is your WebID) then enter your password.
6. Check Configure Automatically, then Add Account. The next screen should already be populated with your account information. Click OK.

Apple Mail Settings

1. Start Apple Mail.
2. Enter your Full Name, Email Address, and WebID Password.
3. Click Continue to go to the Account Summary window. Verify the information and click Create.

iPad and iPhone Settings

1. Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange.
2. On the next screen, enter your complete email address and password. The Description field can be whatever you like.
3. The Server field will be ummail.olemiss.edu and Domain field will be "ad" (without the quotes). The Username field will be your WebID.

Android Settings

1. Open your Email application.
2. Enter your complete email in the Email field and your password. Press Next.
3. Select Exchange, then press Next.
4. In the Domain\Username field, enter ad\WebID (where WebID is your WebID). Enter your password, then enter ummail.olemiss.edu in the Server field.
5. Make sure the boxes for Use Secure Connection (SSL) and Accept all SSL certificates are checked. Press Next.

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