Additional Compensation (Form 40)

The following situations are appropriate for additional pay via a Form 40:

  1. Faculty teaching courses considered an overload.
  2. Staff (Salaried and Exempt) teaching courses: If courses are taught during the 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM workday, personal leave of 35 hours per 3-hour credit course taught will be deducted. A 1-hour credit course or a course taught one night a week will have the personal leave of 35 hours prorated.
  3. Additional duties outside of the normal scope of their job description assigned to a faculty or staff member in a department.
  4. Awards
  5. Teaching Winter and May Intersession, Summer Session, and August Intersession.
  6. Work performed by a current University employee in a department outside of their home department. Completion of a Form 17 (paper form) is required prior to work being performed.

Any questions can be directed to Judy Hopper, Senior Human Resources Generalist at or (662) 915-5430.