Podcasting on iTunes U: Audio and Video of Lectures, Course Materials, and Special Events

Getting Started

Accessing Content

  1. Download iTunes (Windows/Mac) - Free
  2. Launch University of Mississippi on iTunes U
    • Public Site - Provides access to all public content.
    • Course Site - Log in through Blackboard, and access the iTunes U link that your instructor has provided from within your Blackboard course. This will give you access to restricted content that is only available to students in your course.
    • Admin Site - A site admin can use this link along with their WebID and password to gain edit access to their public site in iTunes U.

Creating Content

1. Create Content Space in iTunes U

Course Space - Restricted Access
Public Space - Open Access
  • Faculty and staff can request to have a public space created for their department, center, organization, etc. on iTunes U. This public area will be available to anyone with internet access.

Once you have space on iTunes U, you have a few options to customize the course:

2. Record Your Podcast

Your podcast may be recorded in a variety of ways.

  • Record at your own computer using a microphone and sound recording program, such as Audacity or Garageband.
  • Check out a portable podcast recorder from IT Media.

3. Post Production

After recording, you may want to do some editing to your podcast file. The following programs are recommended:

Make sure that when you output your final podcast file that it is in one of the supported formats:

4. Upload Your Podcast

  1. Login to iTunes U through your Blackboard course (for private sites) or login to iTunes U through the Site Admin Login (for public sites).
  2. Select the "Upload and Manage Files" link on the right.
  3. You should then be given options to upload your podcast.

Additional Resources

Apple User Guides