The University of Mississippi
The Luckyday Residential College

Residential Environment

How is the Luckyday Residential College environment different from other residence halls?

Residents of the Luckyday Residential College (LRC) will have unprecedented access to top professors at UM. The senior faculty fellow will live in a home that is attached to the Residential College and work to develop the academic components of the college. In addition, the college will include a team of 15 faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and different schools at the university. These faculty members will lead programs such as understanding the impact of the oil spill on the environment, golfing lessons, preparing for law school, writing/painting about nature, nutrition, movement and dance.

Who lives in the Luckyday Residential College?

Because admission to the Luckyday Residential College is competitive, our students are some of the best on campus. Our students come from diverse ethnic, gender and class backgrounds. All of our students come to the Residential College with a proven record of leadership and academic success. Almost two-thirds of the residents are freshman and sophomore Luckyday Scholars who are required to live in the LRC. All other residents are admitted through an application process that considers academic achievement, leadership and community service. Many Honors College students live in the LRC.

What is expected from student residents of the college?

Students are expected to take advantage of and participate in the unique faculty-led and RA-led programming. Students also are expected to help maintain a positive living and learning environment by displaying the following characteristics:
1) Academic achievement
2) Respect for fellow residents
3) Care and concern for the maintenance of the building
4) Community involvement and responsibility