David Warren Steel

Warren Steel is professor of music at the University of Mississippi. He attended Harvard College and the University of Michigan. A faculty member since 1980, he serves as area head for music history and literature, and is affiliated with the Center for the Study of Southern Culture and the medieval studies minor. Steel teaches courses in music history, ethnomusicology, and applied organ and harpsichord, and performs with the “Mockingbird” early music ensemble. His book The Makers of the Sacred Harp was published in 2010 by University of Illinois Press. Other books include an edition of the collected works of American composer Daniel Belknap (1771-1818) from Garland Publications and an edition of the works of Stephen Jenks (1772-1856), published by A-R Editions in 1995. His organ CD Baroque Pearls: Rediscovered Gems from France and Spain was issued on Centaur Records in 2007. He has served the music department as webmaster since 1994, and maintains a web site for Sacred Harp singing. For additional information his publications, research, and other activities see his curriculum vitae.

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