Ahhhhh …. Finally after much begging and pleading, I have finally decided to type my first column for ACA and see where that takes me. There's so much I want to say, but I guess it will all just have to wait. First things first. For those of you who are looking for an uptight update about happenings in Africa, sorry to disappoint you. This column is strictly for laughs (or the lack thereof). I'm going to be writing as though I was speaking to you in person, and hopefully things will go on from there….

I'll like to congratulate our honorable Luqman Adekunle Bojuwon for being the recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Scholar Award of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (hmm… grammar)… It's not easy to be recognized anywhere but Luqman has shown that with ambition, the sky is the limit.

Now to a topic I relish with gusto. Don't you just hate it when people talk about Africa as though it were a country? I confess I used to boil over with rage whenever anyone was unfortunate to make that mistake, but then I discovered that correcting them was not making any impact so I just decided to let them stew in their own ignorance. If they think that all Africans run around naked, die of AIDS every second and have nothing better to do with their time than run around hunting lions and other wild games, then by all means, let them think. And if they think that just because you're from the Caribbean, you have nothing better to do than smoke weed all day (thanks Michael), listen to Bob Marley, eat coconuts and bananas, and swim in the clear blue seas of Jamaica, then more grease to their elbows. As for me and my house, we have decided not to be shaken. People will think what they want whether they are right or not. The most important thing is that you know the truth.

Opps…sorry, I have to go now. Hopefully, I'll have some juicy bit of gossip to report on next time.

Jennifer Salu


Lord have mercy. To think such evil still exists in this life. In case anyone is wondering what I'm talking about, or worse, wondering if I have taken leave of my senses, (let me hasten to assure you that I have not) I'm talking about the CBS News report on the human sex trade(obviously women). My first instinct was to resume writing columns for the DM, just so I could talk about this issue, but then I remembered that I was on a one year sabbatical, so my very witty mind (thank you, thank you) immediately reminded me that I was now a columnist for our dearly beloved ACA (say, can we vote on changing the name once more). Anyway sha, I just thought that since this whole month of February has been spent celebrating black history, and one of the legacies of being black in this country is of course slavery, we could all do something about this menace in society.

True, most of the women shown were from Russia, Romania and even Mexico, but what's to say some African or even Caribbean women are not there. In fact, I'm fairly sure that slavery still exists in one form or the other for Africans. The most annoying part of it all was that most of these women were treated worse than dogs, and had their wills broken to ensure conformity to the wills of the 'masters.'

One of the things that struck me was that the new face of sex slavery is now European women and even Latino women. One of the reasons on why the trade flourishes over here in the United States is because of the myth of the Barbie doll. For those wondering what this myth is, it is the myth that the only women with blue eyes and blonde hair are beautiful. To think that's what many women today aspire to be. Well hopefully today's society will rethink that myth.

Anyway sha for those who are interested in reading the whole story, you can get that here, and the website that fights slave trade organizations all over the world is http://www.freetheslaves.net/ .

I'll leave y'all to think on this still I come your way next time. And brothers, help fight the slave trade.

Jennifer Salu